Lucid Dreaming: Hacking Into The Human Dreams

Hacking Into Dreams: Lucid Dreaming
Hacking Into Dreams: Lucid Dreaming

When we talk about hacking it is actually much more than just computer hacking. It crosses the virtual boundaries and can be practiced in real life too. I am talking about hacking the Human Mind, how we can hack into dreams. In this article we will discover the depths of a human mind, and how to exploit them.  I will explain you the concept of Dream Hacking. I am Talking About Lucid Dreaming.

What Is A Dream and What Is Subconscious?

What are dreams and what is subconscious mind?
What are dreams and what is subconscious mind?

Before I tell you the concept of Lucid dreaming, let me explain you what simple dreaming is. Dreams are just projections of consciousness created by our mind while we sleep. Whatever thing happened which gets stored in our sub conscious mind are later projected in form of dreams. Dreaming is among the functions which are not in our control (Except Insomniac People).

Though many researches are being conducted on dreams, but we still don’t know why we even dream, but we are not here to conduct yet another research on dreams. I am here to tell you my experiences. So let’s get back to Lucid Dreaming now.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

What Is Lucid Dreaming?
What Is Lucid Dreaming?



You are surrounded by dinosaurs and to save your life u start to run as fast as a cheetah and all of a sudden you think that this cannot be possible in real life. Dinosaurs are no more in the world, and you just realized that you are sleeping and are in a middle of a dream. This phenomenon is called Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is dreaming when you actually know that you are dreaming. It like realizing that the surrounding around is just an illusion created by your mind. These kinds of dreams are not experienced by many people around the world.

I never heard of this subject until I saw the movie ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan. This concept hit me and I wanted to know more about it. So I started researching about this type of dreaming. Later I didn’t even expect it, but I was reading about lucid dreaming in one of my favorite magazine “The Phrack”. ‘Keptune’, author of that article, was sharing his dream experiences. He takes on scientists by saying that they have declared monopoly over any study related to mind. If you don’t possess a master degree in psychology, psychiatry, neurology or any other degree related to study of brain, you will be simply considered ignorant by the scientists about the mind.

How to Start Lucid dreaming?

So I started reading seriously about Lucid Dreaming and different levels of dreaming and few days later I was into the world of human hacking. I started having lucid dreams and my curiosity was high as possible. I wanted to go deeper into this less known Human Depths, but it was not an easy task. Becoming lucid for the first time is not at all easy job, it need time and dedication. It can take a week, a month or even a year to obtain. It all depends on how you train your body to prepare for it. After some practice the first level seems easy and can be attained anytime, but it becomes tough for the 2nd level. You need more concentration and more practice to achieve the later levels. I will teach you on how to achieve different levels of Lucid Dreaming.

There are diff stages in Lucid Dreaming.

1). ‘Waking In The Dream’: In the lowest levels you just feel that you are dreaming and suddenly you open your eyes and everything vaporizes, but you remember some hazy details of what was happening in your dream. This is the lowest of the levels of Lucid Dreaming. It is the first experience of lucid dreaming so i call it “Waking in the Dream”.

To achieve this level you have to follow some steps:

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming:

1).When you are not sleeping,  try to do some reality checks around yourself, like the fan revolving, the water flowing from the tap and if possible then do it in a certain interval of time. Like set your phone alarm to snooze every x minutes (I recommend 10-15 minutes). Every time your mobile snooze, try to think how u got here, concentrate on basics objects around you. Soon you will do it automatically in your dreams too, and when you see anything suspicious in your dream like water flowing upwards, or diff shape of some usual object, you will know that you are in a dream. Every time you notice the “A” during your waking hours challenge whether you are awake or asleep. Eventually you may see the “A” in your sleep and become lucid.

2). Second is recalling your dream. When you wake up try to remember each and every detail of your dream. Ask yourself what u were dreaming of? Keep lying still and keep your eyes closed. Keep a diary near you so that whenever you wake up, you can note your dream on it. Try to remember your pattern of dreams. Everyone has its own pattern of dreams, like something bizarre which happens in your dream. Once you do it for a week, study the dream pattern. These dream patterns are called dream signs. Now when you go to sleep, if the dreamsign appears you will automatically figure it out.

3). before sleeping, Say to yourself, “I will see a lucid dream”. Say it until you fall asleep. Set your alarm clock to wake you up 4 1/2, 6, or 7 1/2 hours after falling asleep.

When you are awakened by your alarm clock, try to remember the dream as much as possible.

When you think you have remembered as much as you can, return to your place of rest, imagining that you are in your previous dream, and becoming aware that you are dreaming. Say to yourself, “I will be aware that I’m dreaming,” or something similar. Do it until you think that it has “sunk in.” Then go to sleep. This technique is also called MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming) Technique.

These are some of the basic techniques, you can always have one of your own which suits you best. These techniques will certainly help you in order to attain lucid state.

Now here comes the second level. Once you have achieved the first level, the second level is to stay lucid as long as possible. The Second Level is called The Dream Gym.

So now you are lucid. Now you just have to stay calm and enjoy creation of your sub-consciousness. All is going file, but there is a problem. Whenever you feel like you know that you are dreaming your dream crashes and you wake up. Yes I know this part sucks, I was stuck at it for a long time.

We wake up because our mind doesn’t like lucid dreaming at first. It tries to wake us up or make us loose lucidity. Our mind does so by catching us back into a scenario like giving us bait. We might see a naked member of the opposite sex (or same, depending of the sexual preferences), someone will tell you that something has happened to your house, a giant dinosaur might start chasing, or something like your love one might appear and start talking to you. The mind will try anything to either wake you up or get you back into the dream by making you lose your lucidity. You will need serious practice to control over the mind factor.

So, how to overcome this thing? The answer is with your willpower and concentration. When such things start happening try to stay focused and say loudly every 5 second that “I am Lucid” it will you remain lucid. If you feel that you are losing consistency, and your dream might end, concentrate very hard on your five senses i.e. your eyes (look closely at some object nearby), yours skin (Touch the ground and feel it with your skin), your Nose (use it to smell anything which can smell.), etc.

Though this will help you get back in the lucid world, but you might end up losing lot of metal power and you may not succeed at first. So keep trying.

After The Dream Gym, Then comes the third level. The third level reminds me of the chapter which I had in my class 12th. Anyways In the third level we start experiencing the Lucid World, we start creating our own world. This one is tough, really tough. For beginners I will recommend to start off with easy things like Flying. If you wish to fly in you dream, then just lift your legs and even move your arms as if you were swimming might help at first. Or to start flying, try bouncing higher and higher after each step (while “walking” in the dream.) Some find that they need to train themselves, while others can just think that they want to fly, and therefore lift off the ground, and start to hover. If you are able to fly, you will feel it as experience flying as being very natural and very exhilarating.

After flying, you can try your hands at teleporting, or going through walls, creating new objects from null, to shift the shape of an object, etc. So you have to proceed carefully else you will end losing lucidity entirely. These things require experience and won’t happen overnight. So be patient and enjoy the ride in your own wonderland :)

There are many more levels which I will explain you in the next edition. This is just a starting gateway of really amazing world of human consciousness. Stay Tuned and Happy Hacking.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming: 

1). Lucid dreaming may be helpful for people who frequently experience nightmares, as it gives them a chance to take control of what happening in their dreams.

2). What a dreamer does with lucidity reflects personal tendencies and levels of skill attained usually through experience and practice.

3). Lucid dreams can help you change your personality in a matter of weeks of practice.

4). You can even change your center of interests and change your view towards other important things in life.

This is all ☺

Play safe. If you have any questions regarding lucid dreaming, you are most welcome at

Author: Naveen Thakur