Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks: Monitor Notebook Hard Drive

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks

Today we will be reviewing a software that has been specifically designed for monitoring your Notebook hard drive for any malfunctioning. The Program is called Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks pro. Although this programs works on all PC formats, but works best for notebooks. Hard Drive Inspector for Notebook will tell you if your hard drive is in any kind of danger. It collects information about your hard drive and creates a report for you.

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Hard Drive is very fragile piece of hardware on your notebook. That’s why it needs special protection and care. In this article, we will be learning about how to use this software and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

How To Download and Install it?

You can download and install it from the main website of Altrix Soft. For your ease, here is the link. You can either download a free trial of 14 days or buy the pro version of the software. To install this program just click on the setup file and install it. If you are having a key, then enter it to activate the pro version of the software.

How To Use Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks?

Once you have installed the program, open it, and it will show you the current status of your hard drive. On the main dashboard window, you can see your disk model, total capacity of hard drive and the free space you have on your hard drive.

It will show you how much reliable your hard drive is currently. Also, your performance and the error resistance. If you have a temperature sensor on your notebook, then it can show you the temperature of your hard drive.

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In case your hard drive needs some steps to avoid data loss, it is shown on the dashboard.

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks

Technical Information

The above is just the health summary, if you want in-depth monitoring analysis, click on advanced mode. It will show you technical information about your hard drive. This technical info includes many points about your hard drive, such as: buffer size, physical geometry info, info about logical drives, space etc.

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Technical Info
Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Technical Info

S.M.A.R.T Details

If you still want a bit more technical analysis output, click on the S.M.A.R.T Details. ( S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), can help you monitor various life-critical aspects of your hard drive.

S..M.A.R.T analyses the following parameters: G-Sense Error rate, Load/unload cycle, start/stop count, power-on hours, raw read error rate, etc.

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks S.M.A.R.T Details

Option Setting

Now, let’s move on to the options tab. You can change the general settings like run at startup, displaying hard disk death time, saccing unknown external drives, language, reliability control, temperature control and some advanced disk management settings.

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Options

Save Report

After you have scanned your disk for any fatal errors, you can save the report so that you can analyse it later. You can directly save the report in HTML format on your computer. This HTML report will open in your default browser. Here is what my report said:

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Save Report
Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Save Report

Send Report Via Mail

Hard Drive Inspector lets you send the analysis report via email. If you wish to send Email report, click on Send Report option. Now, it will ask you to set up SMPT (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. If you don’t know anything about SMPT server, it is a component for delivering  outgoing e-mail messages. In the photo below, I have setup the SMPT server for my gmail ID.

Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Email Settings
Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks Email Settings

In the settings option, you have to enter your email Id and password. If you want to check if it is working, click on send test e-mail.

 Review of Hard Drive Inspector For Notebooks

Let’s hear what are the pros and cons of this Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks.

Advantages Of Hard Drive Inspector:

  1. The S.M.A.R.T. Detail tool gives you a very good in-depth analysis of your Hard Drive.
  2. The interface is nice, and it runs using very low memory on the CPU.
  3. You can view all the technical information about your drive, like buffer, security features, sectors, etc.
  4. Send report via email functions works well. It sends timely reports to your email ID about the status of your drive.
  5. If your notebook hard drive ever comes into goes on the verge of losing data, it gives you tips on how to prevent data loss.

Disadvantages Of Hard Drive Inspector:

  1. If you want to change the power mode of the drive to standby mode, you might face some issues.
  2. This program cannot work for fatal drive errors.
  3. Hard Drive Inspector is not accurate in predicting the disk death time and performance.
  4. There are many other free products available which are as good as this program.
  5. You cannot save the report in PDF format.

Author: Naveen Thakur