Apple iPhone 5: Here It Comes With A Bang

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5

Another Apple product launched in the market and people rush to pre-order the ‘iDevice’. After iPhone 4S, recently Apple announced their much awaited, latest version of iPhone. Apple iPhone 5 which shattered all the previous records. It nearly double the pre-orders than the previous version of iPhone crossing over 2 million demands in only 24 hours of the announcement. The phone was made available on September 21. While most of the pre-orders were delivered to the users but due to exceed in the demand than the initial supply, few iPhone lovers would have to wait till October. According to Apple’s marketing boss Philip Schiller, “Apple iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the most beautiful product we’ve ever made, and we hope customers love it as much as we do”.  And there isn’t any doubt for Apple iPhone 5 being not only the best iPhone till date but the best smartphone to serve people.

 Design And Features

Apple iPhone 5 is armed with new and better, physical as well as virtual changes to make the logo shine again. It is the thinnest and lightest iPhone till date, with most tall and wider screen. The battery life has been improved and phone provides ultrafast wireless technology. Newly designed 4-inch Retina and A5 chip for fast performance were a few reasons for such a success. Apple iPhone 5 comes with stunning iOS 6. The fastest and most reliable operating system known till now with over 200 new features than previous iPhone operating systems. Facebook integration to access Contacts and Calendar. A pathway to Notification Center which helps you post directly, and ability to save your passwords at one junction help you socialize in a secure manner. New and improved Siri features won’t disappoint you and additional support for more languages is added. Sharing Photo Streams via iCloud has never been so easier.

With the graph going high, Apple iPhone 5 almost had a win-win situation where Apple made some mistakes and gave the users an issue to criticize the product. Apple cared about throwing their opponents out, without knowing the fact that it could harm them enough to resist other people to buy the phone. Apple’s iOS 6 has no support for Google Maps which happen to be incredibly better location finder than Apple-designed cartography. Apple iPhone 5 also tried to settle up their relations with Facebook and twitter and forgot about a newly growing social networking site Google+ which could also help both the companies. Moreover, if apple had a reason for not integrating with Google+ for lesser population. There is no way Apple can explain the reason for cutting off the Youtube app which is one of the most used video watching site around the globe. Reason for this is just because youtube’s is owned by Google, iPhone users will miss the Youtube app in their iPhones and have to check out their browsers every time. In the long run Apple need to keep an eye on the user’s need more than their internal wars because none of the user would be happy to see some amazing Google services lost in his new iPhone which once gave ultimate experience of maps, socializing and music. Getting rid of Google DIDNOT let Google lose in anyway rather; the sales might get affected later. But for now, Apple iPhone 5 has been doing great except some screen flaws and the maps ofcourse. You might as well discover some dislikes about the device when you use.


But, Apple has been trying to provide their best service at best prices. Regardless of these negative points, the iPhone logo makes in better from a huge list of smartdevices. Many mobile carriers have been bragging out the success of their company and iPhone for 2 million sales in a day. Recently, AT&T exclaimed iPhone 5 to be the fastest selling iPhone till date. All other major mobile carriers namely Verizon Wireless, Sprint agree to the fact of iPhone’s success.

So, If you plan to buy the phone you have choices on looks and choices on memory like all other iPhones. iPhone is available in either white and silver or black and slate. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models are available from September 21 in around 356 Apple stores around the US. They will the available in 22 more countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland from September 28.

Price Of Apple iPhone 5

The prices of 16GB,32GB and 64GB version would be $199, $299 , $399 respectively and can be bought from the online site: It will be available at Apple’s retail stores and through AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, select Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Wal-Mart stores and select Apple iPhone 5Authorized Resellers. Free Personal Setup service will be provided to the buyers to buys his new phone at Apple retail store. It help them customize their newly bought Apple iPhone 5 which might be a limited offer. So grab this new iDevice as soon as possible. It will be soon available in India also, where it is set to be launched in a price range of Rs 1 lakh.

Author: Gurjappan Singh

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