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Hostgator Reviews
HostGator Reviews


This is a HostGator Shared Hosting review.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience with HostGator. I am not affiliated with HostGator and their products (except that I love to brag about their awesome services). HostGator has not bribed me or corrupted me in anyway to write this! It can be considered as a client testimonial, the optimus-sized version.

It started with Live Chat. I had a terrible experience with CENSORED and their services. The website I am guest blogging at the moment was hacked say about 5 times by some Turkish guys and when I spoke to the customer service, I got a good reply “Access your CPanel and clear the homepage. Also, please refer to our terms and conditions. You are responsible for back up of your website.”. Later that same month website went down for like couple of hours before I finally thought to quit. I approached HostGator through their Google ads (and my friend referred it too). First, looks of their website SUCKS! (I have to be honest here) but, as someone said, ‘its not in the looks’.

I approached their chat and asked “Would you give refund if I am not satisfied by your services?”

Chat guy said “Here ******* use this voucher to get your first month for 1 cent, if you are not satified we will even refund your 1 cent.”.

Now that was a WOW! So, I did not use that voucher, instead used something else and planned to go forward with it.

Few things worth mentioning about HostGator services:

1. Uptime – 5 Stars

This is something that ‘each one of us’ are concerned about! So to try this service, I signed up for wasitup and started to monitor their uptime. There was 1 instance when I received ‘failed to resolve’, within seconds I opened my site (Yes, I opened it which means it worked). So… Wasitup needs to get their headsup to something that went wrong or maybe they sent me email as a reminder (big LOL here). If you still have concern with uptime. HostGator also provides direct link with Cloudflare.(Which did not work for me but, a gentleman at live chat helped me through it and asked me to directly link it up)

2. LiveChat Support – 5 Stars

Ever faced this at live chats: “Please upload a support ticket and someone will have a look in it”? well then, why the buzz do you even have a livechat? Fortunately, this WONT happen with HostGator. HostGator has LiveChat and ticket system which is reachable within their CPanel! and LiveChat guys reponded to ALL MY ISSUES within a span of maximum 5 minutes.

3. Reachable – 5 Stars

If point 1 and 2 were not enough and that you disagree with point number 2. Follow these guys on Twitter and harrass them until it is resolved. Later, be kind enough to thank them too!

4. Speed – 5 Stars

Speed has been fair, very fair. Fine prints (yea, I read them – Like a boss!) they give unlimited “webspace” and not “file space”, got the difference? Which means, if you have a website where you have a gallery of your cute kittens, each pic more than 4mb in size and you have about 100 such pics, it is fine! But, if you have a 10mb software that you made and want people to download it, it’s not fine! You need a filesharing service and not webhosting service. Cool? Also, to boost your website performance, HostGator also has an option in their CPanel which can compress (more like make it size of a zipped file) your data before sending it to the user and later, decompress at userend. So, you do not have to work upon to reduce your CSS to 1 kb file! TeeHee!!! If you are one of those who expects a Google-like bandwidth at the price of a shared hosting can suck their mop! At times, the scripts consume lot of CPU and output it at a snail speed, for such operations, HostGator cpanel also has an indicator which tells the user about CPU usage, memory usage, etcetera so if you see anything unusual, you know whom to blame for such code work!

5. Security – 5 Stars

Hell Yea! Once I forgot me password and also lost the back up email. LiveChat guy frustrated me with his questions and asked them in 3-4 different styles just to make sure, I am the owner. I will call it Social Engg Proof service! If you run up a page which does not exists (example someone running an admin finder on your website) can see 404 page of HostGator, which hides their server information! Not just limited to that, they also have a VERY vague httpfingerprint, which makes any remote exploiter tear his hair off to find what to run on it – without getting his IP banned! This is a cool feature of HostGator and being a Shared Hosting company it is mandate to have such robust and secured platforms!

So far, I am a freelance worker and HostGator has been helping me maintain my image to my clients. For clients, “website is down, give me my refund” is an easy thing to say but a very harsh part for freelancers to hear! I confide in services of HostGator and have amended a line in my Terms of Service and it now says “99.9% server uptime is guaranteed; unless, otherwise, until noticed”.

I would recommend anyone to use their service and appreciate the sincere efforts and hardwork these boys are putting in to deliver an “exceptional customer experience”.

Oh! By the way, Link to HostGator is :


PS: HostGator and HostGator logo or that image on the top, etc belongs to them and I do not own any copyright of anything that I said, you are free to share this blog across the globe without any attribution!