How a CCNA certification can kick-start your career in IT

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How a CCNA certification can kick-start your career in IT

The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA certification is considered to be the hardest entry-level certification. Despite the demanding requirements and complex syllabus, it delivers an unrivalled return on investment and huge benefits for kick starting your career in IT.

IT is a consistently advancing industry to work in. For this reason, certifications are an effective way of keeping up to date with new developments and trends in order to build on your resume and open up new opportunities within your field.

Designed for entry-level IT workers, CCNA certification consists of broad training across various sectors, relevant to most businesses as well as some hand’s-on experience to provide you with an excellent platform to launch your IT career from.

Investment into CCNA certification is money well spent, as it will enable you to diversify your skills as well as paving the way for future more advanced credentials and a successful career in IT.

Stand out from the IT crowd

As a market leader in the technology industry, training courses and certificates from Cisco are well reputed and will validate you as a professional and expert IT candidate. In the over-crowded technology industry, CCNA certification can also help you to stand out from rival job candidates as most employers look favourably on workers who posses Cisco training.

Having your CCNA will also prove to potential employers that you know your way around a Cisco network and you are fully capable of performing basic troubleshooting tasks.

A stepping stone to career advancement

CCNA certification can also act as a stepping stone to enable you to achieve higher level certifications, such as CCNP which will ultimately provide you with more expertise opening up more business opportunities and a higher take home wage.

Employers will value the improved efficiency and productivity you will bring to the table with your newly acquired skills in cutting edge developments, making you an indispensable member of the workforce. As a result you can expect to see your skills acknowledged with career advancement and higher salary rewards.

As well as boosting your skills and knowledge, CCNA certification will also help enhance your morale giving you the confidence to grown within your role and explore new challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are looking to boost your value in a current position or looking to move into another area of IT, CCNA certification can give you the skills and knowledge you need to make the jump.

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