How Smart Is Your Smartphone?


Nowadays everyone wants a smartphone. They are really smart — right? People think they increase productivity, are entertaining, and even lifesaving. The question is — how smart is your smartphone really?

Smartphones are not smart on their own. It takes the integration of a user and internet resources for the phone to become smart. For instance, if you buy a T-Mobile cell phone and subscribe to a data plan, your smartphone can be smart. Without that back-end integration a smartphone would be pretty useless because it could not access information or download apps.

How Smart Is Your Smartphone?

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Smartphones Increase Productivity

Smartphones are smart enough to make you more productive. There are several features on a smartphone that can help you save time. For instance, you can quickly add or multiply numbers with the calculator, keep an up-to-date schedule, and even check the time or weather in seconds. On the business side of things, your smartphone is smart enough to become a mobile cash register or track online sales in real time.

Of course, with access to the Internet, your smartphone has more knowledge than you could ever store in your head. You can quickly use the Internet to look up driving directions, find a recipe, make a phone call, and do so much more. It’s a wonder how people ever got along without these smart devices.

Smartphones Provide Entertainment

People who are smart never let themselves get bored. Smartphones with their tons of apps give users access to videos, games, and social networks for an unlimited supply of entertainment. Some smartphones are even smart enough to have Flash technology which creates for some pretty elaborate games and graphics for ultimate enjoyment. This smart technology will never let you be bored.

Smartphones Save Lives

Smartphones are smart enough to save lives, too. For instance, if your car breaks down and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can call for help – but this is just the beginning. There are many apps that can be used in emergency scenarios; from medical alert, to natural disasters, to search & rescue, your phone may just be your best survival tool.

So, the answer is, yes! Smartphones really are smart, as long as they have the proper backend integrations (mobile carrier with a data plan) and the right user (someone who knows how to unlock all the cool features of their smartphone). Your smartphone can be as smart as you and your cell phone data plan will allow it to be.