How To Create A Nuclear Bomb

DIsclaimer : This tutorial is purely written for the educational purpose, and the author will take no responsibility if the reader will make it and nuke him self or nuke Bin-laden.

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Many people were asking me about the instructions of making the nuclear bomb. but to make my readers safe i used to thought of not writing this. but now f*ck it, i would love to see you destructing cities lol. Just make sure you dont kill the people. So here it is, my very first and favourite Tutorial of making a nuclear bomb.

At first, for some illitrate smart people,

What is Nuclear Weapon:-

(from Wikipedia)

A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission or a combination of fission and fusion. Both reactions release vast quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter. The first fission (“atomic”) bomb test released the same amount of energy as approximately 20,000 tons of TNT. The first thermonuclear (“hydrogen”) bomb test released the same amount of energy as approximately 10,000,000 tons of TNT.

Bit boooooring huh??

so here is my Definition,

The weapon which will kill people, destroy cities ( Just like Godzilla ), made you piss into your pants after watching it and will force hollywood directors to make lots and lots of weird movies.

Thats all,

now lets start making it.

GO Go GO!!!!

Step By Step Procedure:

Making fission part of bomb.

Step 1. Find some thorium from Their natural source ( One is near Kerla ) or buy it from your local chemical store.

Step 2. If you are using natural thorium(meaning you dug it up somewhere). seprate it from the non-thorium waste. (Firstly you have to vapourise it and then use magnetic sepration). There are other ways to seperate it too.

Step 3. Make descision. Can enrich thorium to uranium-233 or use fusion-fission device. this is needed to produce fast neutrons. enriching it you will only need conventional explosives to set it off.

Step 4. buy lithium-6-deterium hydride compound from a chemical supply house instead of making it. If making it do the following procedure.

Step 5. Get water from sink. Make hydrogen from it with electrolysis. Distill this hydrogen to deuterium.

Step 6. distill tritium from hydrogen or make it with focus fusion reactor.

Step 7. If using focus fusion reactor choice can make lithium-6 or tritium directly. With direct tritium no sparkplug will be needed in nuclear device. diagram of focus fusion reactor listed on this site.

Step 8. Then make lithium ,tritium, deuterium, thorium, uranium-233 into a compound powder if want.

Step 9 After you have done the above steps, construct a nuclear device. If you are using natural thorium element, you need to make a fusion fission reactor.( you Will need to decide what to use for a spark plug.) . If you are using lithium6-deuterium, construct fusion device for it. also we will not be needing need plasma for it because the fission device will set it off but we will still need a sparkplug. If you are using uranium-233 you will just need some basic conventional explosives. or finally if you will be using tritium-deuterium just put it beside the fission device it will go off on its own when the fission device explodes. No sparkplug will be needed with tritium-deterium device just a fission device.

Special Warnings : Dont look directly towards the bomb or it will make you blind, use proper thorium radiation shielding before using it. And most important , take permissions from your local authorities before using this by telling them your actual intentions and take proper consulting from the experts.


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