How To Do SEO For Facebook Pages

Facebook SEO Video

When it comes to optimizing your online presence, where do you usually turn?  Chances are that you have employed the services of a top SEO Consultancy or Digital Marketing Agency. However, they aren’t the only ones offering help and advice on the matter.  One of the biggest social networking avenues in the world has recently created a number of features to help their members who utilise them grow their business.  We are talking about Facebook – the site with over 900 million users, the site that was classified as the most operated social networking venue worldwide by and the site that enjoys roughly 140 million active users every single month.  Facebook is the platform any Digital Marketing Agency worth their salt will encourage businesses to assert their SEO efforts on to expand their business. Facebook’s recent ‘SEO Help’ is helping businesses increase their online profile if their most recent ventures are anything to go by!

First they introduced a “Promote Your Posts” function – a terrific and simply way for your business to reach a bigger demographic and improve your business reach via Facebook alone.  Available for you to purchase, this is extremely handy way in which you can guarantee that more people will view your status updates.  By simply clicking the “Promote” button, your post will then be displayed in the news feed of far more of the people who have liked your page and even the friends of people who have interacted with your post – thus reaching a much bigger audience.  Facebook have even included a video of just a few minutes long to explain this new handy tool to users.  But they haven’t stopped their in their bid to increase your business – they have recently created an SEO for Facebook feature too.  They have teamed up with a top SEO Consultancy and launched a video of just 7 minutes long that offers users hints and tips on how best to user their Facebook business pages, but not just within the world of Facebook. They also give you handy advice on how to improve your Facebook pages on search engines through SEO. Watch it here.

Launching the video, you will find that there is a step by step guide, making this feature as simple and user-friendly as possible.  It shows you how increase traffic to your Facebook page, increase “Likes” and explains to SEO novices the importance of providing links.

The co-founder of the SEO Consultancy and digital marketing expert that collaborated with Facebook to create this feature, Will Critchlow, stated:

“Distilled is dedicated to providing search marketing training and education.  As a business, it is important to own as much of the search space around your business or brand name as you can. A well optimized Facebook page can help you control the share of voice and what is being said about your business and direct searchers to the social discussion about your brand.”

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