How To Earn Money Using Ebay

Someone said “Money can’t buy you happiness” but i say, Without money you can never be happy. So to live a happy and prosperous life, you need to earn money. Now i will explain you how Ebay (with little use of one’s brain) can help you earn it.

Just follow my simple words and you will surely be satisfied with the result.

First Method

Create an account on and create a sellers profile over there. Be sure to create a persuasive profile with everything as simple as it can be.

The next thing to be done is to add product for selling on Ebay.  like in my case, i included a rare Indian Rupee coin of 1840 which i could sell in the real market for not more then Rs.600, but with the help of Ebay, i Sold that coin for Rs.1550. I fixed lowest bid for the Coin at Rs.650, So now  i was never gonna get disappointed as if someone buys that coin for Rs.650, i would be getting Rs.50 profit. thankfully i got 11 bidders and for which the maximum bid was of Rs.1550 and i got Approx Rs.1000 (20$) net profit.

I have now adopted this strategy of selling unique things at ebay.

Also try to get positive feedback from the users, as it will help you getting more people, who are willing to do business with you.


Second Method

Once i read a management book and a quote stricken me. ” Management is an art of doing things at least cost and Producing Maximum profit.”

As Ebay can help you sell your products, on the other hand, it helps us to buy product at very much affordable prices.

I wanted to buy a watch. i was surfing through tons of watches, from costly watches of Rolex and Rado to simple and affordable watches of Titan and Casio.

Then i came across used watches and to my surprise, i found quite good watches over there. I decided to buy a Fastrack sports edition watch, costing Rs.2000. The new one’s cost was about Rs.4300 and moreover the watch was not even  much used. So not wasting even a millisecond , i ordered that watch. while buying that watch, Management quote was still in my mind. So i decided to find customers for that watch. I told my friends that i am having a special sports edition fastrack watch, and if they are interested, then they can contact me. Soon i was getting calls of people who showed their interest in the watch. I set the basic price for Rs.2800 ( Indians have a tendency of bargaining to the lowest possible price :p ) so finally a guy settled at Rs.2500. both of us were satisfied with the result as the buyer got a good product at affordable price and the seller got the profit.


Now its upto you guys, how you use Ebay and your mind to earn money.

I told you my way, You can use your own techniques :) Comments appreciated.

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  • Navaru

    Another thing that I’ve found useful, (I live in Europe) I’ve searched for most purchased items on forums and websites in my country (I found that cheap laptops where hot) and I’ve bought old laptops from UK, and Germany, some people even sold ‘broken’ laptops on a ~20% of the real price that needed minor repairs (I’ve bought a Sony Vaio with 280E, changed the keyboard ~40E, sold it for 500E).

    Also I’ve got good deals on Apple Magic Trackpads, people where buying them and still preferred the mouse, and ending up selling them on 60% of the real price, and the items where barely used.

    As a conclusion, people are too lazy to put an effort on searching for good deals, so do it for them and add a commission cause at the end of it, they’ll still spend their money.

    Oh and one more thing, on GroupOn sites alike I’ve also found good deals, bought 8 new Touch Kindles on 60% of the price in my country, and sold them on ~80-85% (all sold in 4 days).