How to get hacked?

How to get hacked
How to get hacked for Newbies

Today morning while reading a newspaper, a column grabbed my attention. It was about the increasing cyber attacks and stories of the victims. After reading the newspaper, I came to a conclusion that some people are unknowingly getting hacked or rather inviting the hackers.

This article is for all those who knowingly or unknowingly wish to join the pool of hacked victims!

Almost everyone falls to the bait of hackers at some point in their life, even in my life I have faced this embarrassment, many times. Moreover, our website was hacked and defaced 6 times in 4 days, which, according to me is a good score!

Follow these simple steps and soon enough you would join the pool.

Lesson 1: Get Naked!

Expose the body  of your Computer machine to the hacker. He will examine you, your every part and after sometime he will screw you!

Make his task easy by closing all the firewalls, close your antivirus, and open every port by which he can gain access to your Computer.

Make it even easier by setting the password of least character and by making no use of numbers and special characters (@#%*&). The best option is to live with the default password. So that an attacker can use brute forcing programs to gain access easily or to make it even more easier, he could install a keylogger or a trojan virus too!

Lesson 2: Fall for ‘the one’!

Open your internet, and start surfing. What do you see? A girls/guys pic asking to click on the image to download more of his/her hot images? What are you waiting for man?!?! Just do it! By doing this task you will get two things. First some pictures of a sexy girl and second???? Yes you are right, a hacker in your system, copying your images, stealing your password and destroying your data. Sounds like an offer, check an unknown girl on the internet and get your machine screwed!

And it’s not end of the game. The chase has just begun! A wise crab will attack you on social networking websites. Someday you will see that a random unknown girl has sent you a friend request on facebook. Damn! Now that is exciting! you add her and started chatting with her soon there will be an online blossom. You trust her because, you think, she trusts you. Someday you even share the password or perhaps click or download anything that you both might wanna share.  Enough said! :-)

Lesson 3: Fall for Free Gifts! and Free Cash!

Few days ago my friend was excited about something, on asking, he replied me that he has recieved an email from a ‘trust’ which informed him that a dying man has choosen him in a lucky draw to be the next owner of his $15,000,000 property after his death. He continued “The old man is dead now and they will give me the money by next week, now all I have to do is submit my proof of identity with a cash of $100 to their account for my account verification. I congratulated him for his luck.
Few other interesting stories would include a job for someone who wants an agent in a country to transfer money! Someday you might get the cheque too, if you have disclosed your address. No Free iPhones, No Lucky Draws and No 1millionth visitor for the 10 billionth time.

Lesson 4: Agree to your stupidity.

Stupidity is a very essential ingredient. If you are stupid enough then neither you, nor the attacker is gonna do much work. Open your email account. Now open that mail which says ‘New Facebook Is Here’. What do you see is a cool looking facebook login page. Go ahead enter your username and password for the EPIC sneak peak preview! Checking the url is an old thing.

For example: with facebook login page is also facebook for real!

Lesson 5: Trust a stranger’s machine. Even if it is called Cyber Cafe.

Don’t Have internet connection at home? why don’t you go to a cyber cafe? Yeah pay at the counter and start surfing. Open your PayPal, Facebook, Gmail accounts. Well and also, some… you know… just a sneak of a porn site. Finsh your job and head home. By the night your friends will call you to inform about the emails asking to click on links and some asking for money for the operation that you never had!


Follow the lessons carefully and repeat your mistakes. :-)

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