How To Protect (Enycrypt) PDF Files?

PDF file is the most common File Format we are using in current time. A basic computer user is aware about PDF file. We are using PDF file in our daily life, But sometime we need to Encrypt (Protect) our PDF file,  but maximum Freeware PDF viewer are not able to Encrypt (Protect) PDF File .
So some users use online services to Encrypt PDF file or some use Software to Protect PDF Files. There are lot of tool available on Internet to Encrypt (Protect) PDF, but AlgoLogic’s “PDF Protector,Splitter and Merger” is a unique software which provide three most basic Feature we are Looking for. This Software can Encrypt (Protect) PDF file, user can Password Protect PDF file with 128 bit Encryption,there are two Password option Owner Password and User Password to Protect PDF file ,it can Split PDF file into multiple pages with multiple option like split all pages, split Even pages,split odd pages and user can split only some pages from the PDF file i.e if PDF file contain 10 Pages and user want only page 2 and 3 then this task can be done with the help of AlgoLogic’s PDF Protector,Splitter and Merger.The another  feature of this software is PDF Merger as the name suggest  user can Merge multiple PDF files into one  single PDF.

You can download this software from

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