How To See Behind Walls?

Ever thought about how Superman can see through walls? With no doubt i can say that your answer would be in affirmative. Truth to be told even i don’t know how Superman is able to do that :D, Only Its creators, D.C Comics guys can tell you.

  • 1) Humans always fantasize about how to see through walls, and this curiosity has led to invention of a device called Camero Xaver 800, which according to its creators, can see through walls. I can see bubbles erupting in your mind :p, but first let me explain about it a little bit.
    It projects 3D image of inside the wall, by penetrating it using Microwave radars. According to the scientists, who developed this product, it can see through almost every kind of wall including regular old drywall, clay brick, cinder block and even rebar-reinforced concrete structures excluding metal and solid obstacles.
    Now coming to its features, it acts superior in its class As it can use the system at a stand-off from the wall and remotely locate the sensor at a distance of more than 75 feet from the operator.

Video of Xaver 800.

  • 2) The Second product in the list is LEXID® – Handheld X-ray Imaging Device which uses Hard X-Rays to penetrate walls and can see through 1.5mm steel wall also. Though it uses Hard X-Rays but still they wont affect the person exposed. It can currently demonstrate images through a car door with 4mm resolution.