How To Tame Your Anger: The Do’s And The Don’ts

Anger can falsify our ability to understand and do harm to the relationships with people important to us, both personally and professionally. Bring in knowledge that no one likes to be around people who get angry easily, and act offensive. This article is meant to help you understand and control anger.

The Do’s

Do recognize that nobody is right all the time. Usually there is something to be said for the other side.

Do recognize how easily aggression sparks off aggression. Stay in command of yourself and then the situation.

Do recognize how this encourages your urge to power to run away with you. People hate being made to feel ‘inferior’. It makes them bad – tempered too.

Do recognize how easily one word can lead to another to create an explosive situation out of control.

Do recognize they could have a point of view they want to express. Young people could really be arguing with themselves and just be using you as a ‘sounding – board’ to try out their views.

Do recognize that the important factor is whether the criticism is helpful.

Do recognize that this solves nothing. It merely upsets people and makes it more difficult to effect a reconciliation.

Do recognize that we get better if we look for the better side of those we meet, and try to make allowances for anything about them we dislike.

The Don’ts

Don’t think that you are always right.

Don’t think that when somebody is angry you have to be angry to keep your end up.

Don’t think that you must prove your point of view and make others accept it.

Don’t think it is a sign of weakness to keep your mouth shut.

Don’t think that when people argue they are deliberately being annoying.

Don’t think criticism means that somebody is trying to be ‘smart’ and ‘show you up’.

Don’t think it is a sign of ‘strength’ to go all dramatic, like slamming doors, ordering people to get out, or slapping a face.

Don’t think people in terms of ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’.


Stop the conversation to that person for a few minutes to whom you are angry.Take a deep breath & think about the good things that person has done for you.

If you still feel the anger and have to let it out, tear outdated newspapers into cuts. This is a well-known technique to let the fire out.

Keep in mind that the bonus for patience is happiness.

Stay Happy Stay Healthy !!