How To Use A Vulcan Keylogger?

Vulcan Keylogger

Vulcan Keylogger

Most of you must have wasted zillions MB of bandwidth scoring the internet, how to hack a Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail or perhaps a Yahoo account. Admit it, atleast you might be tempted to don the hat of a Hacker and hack the account of the girl on whom you had a secret crush, or a jealous husband or wife or simple for revenge. Your search end here today, for I will show you a simple yet effective way to hack any account. We will be using Vulcan Keylogger.

Before proceeding, it may be mentioned that the tutorial is solely for educational purposes and will deal with the defence of such attacks as well. The author claims no responsibility of any damage due to the misuse of the information contain herein.

Let’s begin. We won’t be hacking the mighty Google or Yahoo or Facebook. That would be farfetched. Instead we would be focusing on exploiting the ways of extracting the passwords from the users themselves. Many techniques exit viz. Social Engineering, Ratting, Keylogging, Phishing etc.

In this article we will be focussing on the use of Keyloggers. What are keyloggers? Wiki describes it as “Keystroke logging (often called keylogging or “keyloggers”) is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.”

We shall be discussion about a software based remote Keylogger called Vulcan Keylogger.

Some of its features include:

[x] Choose SMTP/Port
[x] Choose the Subject of the Email
[x] Send Computer Information
[x] Send Screenshots
[x] Set Interval of emails
[x] Test E-Mail
[x] Choose the Icon
[x] Add to Startup
[x] Melt
[x] Display Error on Run
[x] Choose title/message/type of error
[x] Download on Execute
[x] Website Visitor on Execute
[x] Random variable and function name

[x] Generate strong encryption key
[x] Generate random Assembly
[x] File Pumper
[x] Choose File Name
[x] 27KB output.


First of all download the Vulcan Keylogger given at the end of the tutorial and make a fresh gmail account. Follow the screenshots for better understanding:

How to use Vulcan Keylogger

You can browse the Icon settings to change the icon of the program but not necessary though. The ideal Interval of the logs should be around 60 minutes.

Using Vulcan Keylogger

Under extra options:

Tick “Add to start-up”. Melt option is optional, when you tick it, the .exe file will delete itself from the hard drive when the victims click on it. (Of course it will remain hidden in the background).

Display error on run is self-explanatory. Should not be ticked unless you know what you are doing.

Use downloader and use web visitor when ticked will download a file or visit the specified url when the .exe file is run.

Downloading and Using Vulcan Keylogger

Click on “Randomly Generate” a few times. File Pumper is used to increase the size of output file. I suggest leaving it to 0.00. File name can be anything, here it is Filename.exe. Click on Build, you will get a file with that name in the folder where you saved the Vulcan Keylogger.

Send this file to your target with a good story to back it up. Once the victim clicks on it, he will be infected and all his logs will be sent to the email id you provide. Thus all the usernames and the password that he types will be mailed to you. Simple, isn’t it?

It might be noted that some Anti-Virus will flag you file as Trojan or virus. You need to convince target to turn off his AV before running it. If you don’t want to do that simply crypt the server with a good crypter and you little “server” will become completely FUD(Fully UnDected)

Video demonstration:


Author: Pankaj Basumatary

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