HP SlateBook 14 Review: Android Powered Notebook

HP SlateBook 14


HP, one of the leading PC maker recently unveiled SlateBook 14 which purely runs on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system rather than Windows or Chrome OS. You always heard about Android in smartphone and tablets but this time new experiment is done by HP to run Android operating systems in notebook.

This is a unique device and mainly for those who wants Android on their laptops. The idea of running Android on laptops is very tempting. According to HP, this notebook is designed for the students and the users who are using Android on their mobile devices. But, why should you use Android running notebook when there are efficient and cheaper Android devices available in the market?

To answer this we published this article with full review of HP SlateBook 14 including its specification and functioning.

Hardware and Screen


The most attractive thing you’ll notice first is bright yellow logo of HP which looks very cool at the center of matte black lid. Not only this you’ll see this yellow color in bottom, tallow-hued hinges and sides of the notebook. HP took special care of interior design of the notebook and rest of the finishing is in smooth black aluminum.

Just below this hinge you’ll see an integrated speaker grille. In the top left corner there is power button. As compared to HP Chromebook 14 this device is lighter in weight. The weight of SlateBook 14 is 3.75 lb. The device has 14 inch screen and Full High Definition BrightView WLED-black lit display having screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The screen resolution is not good enough but better than Chromebook 14.

The device is very productive and provide you full size keyboard, precise touchepad and smooth onscreen touch control through which you’ll feel comfortable.


 SlateBook 14 is powered with 1.8 GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor same as Note 7. The device has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage. The device runs very smoothly and apps also took very less time to open. Even page took very less time to load. This makes the performance of the device fabulous.

The device took 40 seconds to boot. The processor of this device is enough to run high-end graphics and hence increase the performance of the device. The device also has microSD card reader which has ability to store more data.



The device is Google certified so you can access the Google Play Store and many Google apps like Google Maps, Google Play music and more. The device brings number of apps to increase the productivity. Kingsoft is one app that allows you to create Word files, spreadsheets and slideshows.

There is one more app named Box which allows you to share file between two devices. There are some apps of Hp too like Media Player, Connected photo etc. Many third party apps are also there in the device like Skitch, Splashtop, Skype etc.

Webcam and Audio

SlateBook 14 is considered to be the best sounding device that produces relative balance audio. HP SlateBook 14 is designed with Quad Beats Audio speaker which produces amazing sound. The device has 720p TrueVision HD webcam and integrated with digital microphone.


It has built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth. The connectivity features include Super Speed USB 3.0, a pair of  USB 2.0 on the right, an HDMI port (version 1.4b), microSD card slot and Headphone-out or Microphone-in combo jack.

Battery life

 Battery life of the device is 9 hours which delivers you an amazing multimedia experience. The battery life of this device is much better than Chromebooks or other device we’re using. So you can choose this device because of its long battery life.


Heating problem in the HP laptops is one of the major issue. If you’re playing 15 minutes videos then touchpad of SlateBook measured a cool 79 degree Fahrenheit. To control the heating problem in SlateBook 14, HP uses its Cool control setting. This technology controls your laptop from getting warm.


HP formally announced the retail price of SlateBook 14 is $399 but now the model is available at $429.99.

Wrap Up

I found this device very good looking and HP used best quality to design this device. The idea to develop such Android laptop is amazing but device is too heavy to carry in comparison to Android powered tablet. Battery is not the only thing in the laptop. If you buy this laptop with its amazing battery then don’t go for it.

From price point of view I still have one question why should we use $429 Android powered notebook instead of Android tablets which provides us better comfort level. If you’re Android lover then you can buy this otherwise I recommend you don’t buy this notebook because of its price.