Increase AdSense Earning: 100% Working Method

Increase Adsense Earning

Increase AdSense Earning
Increase AdSense Earning

Use of Google AdSense is one of the perfect ways for earning money online. Avid bloggers use blogging software that allows them copying and pasting HTML Code which in turn will help them in the implementation of Google AdSense. This way, one’s blogging hobby can help him or her to earn something extra. One can take up this hobby as a full time or a part time endeavour. If you want to know how to increase AdSense earning, continue reading this tutorial.

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Low AdSense income or revenue is the biggest challenge faced by publishers of Google AdSense. On the basis of your target and expectations, one can consider the “low” earnings. Since it is not allowed to divulge statistics pertaining to Google AdSense in detail, one can only talk about general estimates. There are few unique techniques, principles and methods that help in increasing Google AdSense earnings or revenue.

This Article will talk about the following points:

  1. Forget About Google Adsense.
  2. Write content related to your website only.
  3. Set A Goal For Your Earnings.
  4. Choose Keywords carefully.
  5. Get More Insight With Google Analytics.
  6. Importance of ad units & Ad Placement.
  7. Things You Should Never Do.

Here are few Things You Can do to increase AdSense Earning:

1). Forget About Google AdSense

This is the first lesson for anyone who aspires to become a professional blogger. Forget about goddamn Google AdSense for the moment. Blogging isn’t all about money. If you are blogging for money then you will never be successful. Most of the people get carried away with the stories of those lucky ones who get million dollar checks from Google AdSense. Some are also swayed by stories of websites that are able to earn more than couple of thousand bucks everyday as their Google AdSense income. You will soon learn that most of these bloggers are based on affiliate earning.

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Money is secondary, the main thing is to create a brand that people can recognize and visit. One people start coming to your website, the money will automatically start flowing. You mail concentration should be on Good content. Good content is always appreciated. Soon you will fain popularity and your blog will become a brand.

2). Write Content Related To Your Website Only

Write content related to your niche
Write content related to your niche

It is very important in order to increase adsense earning. Remain limited to your niche. If you write content related to your blog, you will receive relevant advertisements and hence better CTR rate. As a blogger, it is imperative to keep on writing quality content and then posting it regularly on the blog as a tool for offering authentic information for the visitors looking for the same. When you write related to a particular category, your audience recognizes your blog and returns in search of good articles.

When you write good content, you will get good search engine rankings, blog authority and popularity among netizens. The reason behind blogging should be introducing quality articles on the internet.

If the website offers high quality contents, the click through rate, also referred to as CTR may get lowered for banners corresponding to Google AdSense that in turn results in lower income coming from this direction. The reason behind this situation is the quality of content posted on the blog. Visitors will come to a site only when they need some information. If they feel that information is not sufficient or up to the mark, they will start looking around for another site. Conversely, if they get good content, they will stick to your website and will also click ads placed on Google. In such cases, one can offer some services against a fee or motivate visitors to make a donation at PayPal. For good content, more and more visitors will be ready to donate some amount.

3). Set A Goal For Your Earnings

Now be realistic & think how much actually can you earn with the number of visitors visiting your website. Always aim for long term plans. Set a goal for earning per day, per month, or per year. know your assets, how you will be getting your goal completed. Set a schedule for writing daily or whatever timetable suits you.

There are many websites claiming that with their course, you will earn in 5 figures within a month or whatever. Believe me you just can’t. In long term, such scheme that boasts about making you rich in a click never works. One can understand this concept using the analogy of a lottery system. When one bets on a lottery, one can get results both ways, either you earn a lot or you don’t earn anything. Thus, when using Google AdSense as a way of earning income, it is imperative to set realistic goals.

Blogging is a game of patience. be patient and write quality articles related to your website.

4). Choose Keywords carefully

Suppose I have a home improvement blog, and i am writing about garden tips. In order to make this post interesting and AdSense friendly, i will rename it “10 awesome tips to improve your garden”.  It is eye catchy, and it tells a lot about what is inside your article. This catchy title is bound to make a visitor intrigued about it, and he or she will surely click on the link hoping to get something unique from the post. The main reason why your blog isn’t getting traffic from google might be that you are not writing articles related to the keywords that are searched in google.  that are searched most.

Use Keyword Planner Tool to find the most search keywords in your niche and start writing articles around these keywords.

Adword Keyword Planner Tool
Adword Keyword Planner Tool

The major cause behind decreasing traffic on search engines can be due to little or no knowledge about target keywords. Studies reflect that this issue is responsible for about sixty percent of website traffic. This decreasing traffic can have a negative impact on the clicks on Google AdSense. Once one derives at the target keywords that need to be used, the same can be used in the title tag of your post and combining them with some SEO tricks and techniques, the same benefits can be accrued. The tags and titles need to be catchy so as to attract the attention of potential visitors.

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When using keywords in the title, one must care to use the most important keyword in the beginning. Also, the title should be made as descriptive as possible. The targeted keywords are in bold, and when the title tag needs to be made further attractive, it can be shown in italics. This will surely attract genuine visitors. The website’s main theme should be supported by the blog posts.

5). Get More Insight With Google Analytics

Google Analytics with Google Adsense
Google Analytics with Google Adsense

You must be thinking what is the need of Google Analytics to increase Adsense earning? Here are some points to answer your question:

  • It helps you to know which posts are getting higher CPM (Click Per Million) rate.
  • The keywords that are attracting people to clicks on Google ads.
  • You can optimize the content by identifying which traffic sources, browsers, country, cities, pages, and browsers bring the best and worst ad click users to your blog.
  • It helps you to understand where your audience attention is focused. It also helps you to improve your experience by knowing which page the user spent most of the time & like which pages drove them away.

How to Link Google AdSense Account with Google Analytics Account?

To link your AdSense account with google Analytics account follow these steps:

  1. On the Google Adsense Home tab, visit the Account settings page.
  2. Click edit in the “Access and authorization” section, next to “Google Analytics integration.”
  3. On the “Google Analytics integration” page, click Link next to the Analytics account that you want to link to your AdSense account. A new window opens, and you’re taken to your Analytics account.
  4. In Analytics, click Link Accounts.
  5. In the dialog that appears, specify your primary Analytics property and Analytics views, then click Continue.
    Your primary and secondary Analytics properties are listed under the AdSense tab, and your AdSense and Analytics accounts are now linked.


6). Importance of Ad Units & Ad Placement

It is very important that you use the appropriate Ad styles and Ad units for your blog, in order to increase adsense earning. Although you can display ads anywhere on your blog, but you should take extra care while placing ads.

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Google suggests placing the ads close to the content that your users are interested in, but to make sure that users can easily find the content they came for. For example, in case you have a downloading site, you must make sure the download links are above the fold (part of a webpage that users can see without scrolling down) and easy to find.

Google Ad Placement
Google Ad Placement

Never blend the ads with the site too much. The user should be able to distinguish between an ad and your blog links & images.

After putting the ads on your website ask yourself:

  • Is your blog content easy to find?
  • Is it easy to distinguish between your blog content and your blog’s ads?

If the answer is yes to both, then you don’t need to worry about it.

Place your ads close to the content that your users are interested in, also make sure that users can easily find the content they are looking for. For example, if your site offers downloads, make sure the download links are above the fold and easy to find.

What Ad units gets Maximum Clicks?

If positioned well, wide ad sizes can increase your earnings significantly as wider size ads are more comfortable to read more text to the users. The sizes that are most effective are the 336×280 (Large Rectangle), the 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), the 728×90 (Leaderboard), and the 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper).

Always keep in mind that while these ad sizes typically perform well, you should use the size that fits best on your web page.

To check all adsense ad units available, Click here.

7). Things You Should Never Do

Now it is important that you don’t indulge in some malpractices that can get your google adsense account banned. These things are as follows:

  • Never put ads under a heading. It can be quite misleading to the users. Ads under headings might be mistaken for links, image or listings instead of an advertisement, such an implementation is considered unacceptable by google.
  • Avoid using too many ad units on the same web page. It will not only drop your CTR, but will also impact the page load time. A website with bad pageload time, isn’t considered good by the visitors.
  • Never put photos or claims of your adsense earnings. It is against the Google policy to showoff your earning and is considered as a bad practice.
  • Asking people to click on ads is just plain suicide. Google will ban your account if it finds out that clicks on the advertisement are unnatural.
  • Never align the ads with the images on your blog. It can be confusing and can lead to suspension of your account.
  • I have seen many newbie bloggers, who put google ad units in a popup. When the user visits the website, the first thing he sees is a popup. It should also be avoided.

For further information on misleading ads visit this page.

If all these factors and technique are borne in mind, one can surely increase AdSense earning and enjoy great returns.

Happy blogging.

Author: Naveen Thakur