How To Increase Battery Life of Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 is indeed most popular windows phone available in the market, and there is a reason for that. It is loaded with high quality features and yet it is very much affordable.  However, with all these features, comes some drawbacks. If you use the device to the max, you are not supposed to get assured results with the battery. In this article we will teach you how you can boost battery life of Lumia 520 smartphone.

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Use inbuilt Battery Saver

battery saver tips for Lumia 520
battery saver tips for Lumia 520

It is the easiest way to start saving your smartphone’s battery life. When you activate Battery Saver, it automatically stops receiving emails and calendar updates.
Although, if you need to synchronize your email, you will be able to do that manually.

You will also be unable to update live tiles to receive push notifications.
Using Battery Saver feature will also block all application running in the background. You can only access application if it is open.

How To Start Battery Saver?
To start Battery Saver, go to your App list, click on Settings Option ans then search for Battery Saver.
You can also turn on battery saver function until the next charge.

Some Other Cool Tips To Boost lumia 520 Battery are:

Reduce The Screen Turn off Time: To boost your Lumia 520 battery, you must reduce the screen time. To do this, go to apps > settings > Lock Screen and scroll down to set lower screen out time.
Using A Dark background: Run your Lumia 520 smartphone in a dark background theme (Black Prefered). To Set a Dark Theme, go to Settings> Theme> Backgrounds, and choose Dark theme from there.
Turn Off unnecessary connection when not in use: Turn off bluetooth, Wifi, Cellular data when not in use.

Turn Off Wifi When not in use
Turn Off Wifi When not in use

Use headphones: Prefer listening to music using headphones, as phone speakers bleed the battery.

Using Less background Apps: Limiting the background apps. To turn off background apps, go to settings, and flick left, you will see background tasks option. Click on it and choose the apps you want to run in background, while block all unwanted apps.

Turn Off Background Apps of Lumia 520
Turn Off Background Apps of Lumia 520

Author: Naveen Thakur

  • alex

    How does dark or white theme on lumia 520 change the battery life of the phone. the screen is not an AMOLED and its a common lcd, how does a dark theme save battery power as compared to white background theme. please answer.

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