India Against Current Reservation System

India Against Current Reservation System
India Against Current Reservation System

People of India can be categorized in many categories, religion wise Hindi, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and if we go on regional bases then North Indian, South India, Pahadi(Hilly People). If we go more deeper we will find that we are divided into castes like Rajput, Jaat, Brahmin, Yadav, Dalit and i guess more then 4000 other castes.
i wont go further with Language, Urban Rural, Rich Poor, but the category which hurts me the most is the newest one.


People didn’t know much about this category before 1990. It came into existence when Mandal Commission Recommendations, for implementations of Reservation in Government for Sc/ST students were implemented by Prime Minister V.P Singh.
According to these recommendations , ‘The Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe’ Students would get 27% reservations in the central Government Jobs. It even advocated reservation for OBC in Higher education institutes and Jobs, which was later implemented in year 2006 and the reservation quota went up to 49.5%.

In 1990 when mandal commission reports were implemented, India went through ‘Dark Age’. People were against giving government jobs to SC/ST on basis of birth rather than merit of the candidate. As a result protests closed roads, highways, transportation services, government services, schools, and businesses of India Schools and Colleges were shut for undefinate time. Some reports says that more then 1000 students committed suicide.
Surinder Singh Chauhan was the first student to perform self-immolation while an evening student of Deshbandhu College (Delhi University) on September 24, 1990 . He left a suicide note stating that “The responsibility for my death lies with those people who consider reservation a vote bank, people like V.P. singh, Paswan, Yadav …”.
After him Rajeev Goswami Became a iconic face of Anti-reservation protests when he poured oil and set himself on fire. Like thousands of upper caste students in India, he was protesting against the government’s decision to implement the Mandal Commission recommendation of 27 per cent quota for backward classes. Goswami, who sustained 80 per cent burns, finally succumbed to the injuries on February 24, 2004.”

The picture shows Rajiv Goswami, who had set himself on fire Protesting against reservation.
The picture shows Rajiv Goswami, who had set himself on fire Protesting against reservation.

Rajiv pointed out that the report is based on the work of a research and planning team which met for only three days and a second panel that met for five. Rajiv’s conclusion: This means no specialist, no sociologist was involved with this report apart from these eight days.But the death of these students protesting for the right cause was all in vain, as none of their demand was fulfilled and the decision of implementation of reservation was not taken back.
The implementations of mandal commission were even criticized by Congress Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.
Rajiv Gandhi gave a speech in the Lok Sabha on 6th September 1990 against the Mandal Commission.

Now lets turn to the data the report is based upon. Rajiv pointed out that the first set of data is from the cost indexing of 1891 and the census of 1931. As he asked: We are talking about data which is a hundred years old or sixty years old. Is that valid today?

you can find the full speech here

Why Reservation Was Implemented?

Coming back to my point i would like to tell you, why the politicians felt a need to implement reservation system in India on the bases of caste but not merit.

The first fact that they give is that the minority groups like ‘dalits and harijans’ and OBC have been exploited by the higher caste people mainly the Brahmin and Rajputs. So as for compensation and to improve their social and economic status, we should give them little more rights then other castes.

I agree that in the past these castes have faced a lot of discrimination, i cant even imagine how would it feel, if someone stops me from drinking water just because i am a dalit. They were not even considered humans, but for the mistakes of our forefather should we the ‘So called Higher caste’ people pay for it?
No i don’t think so. If they had been exploited in the past we can be sorry for it nothing else. Today we are living in a independent nation and our constitution has given equal rights to all citizens of India, then how can they say that for the past mistakes which even i didn’t committed i should compromise. I strongly oppose this logic given by them.

Let me give you an example of my life. I had appeared in entrance exam of Uttar pradesh Technical University for admission in Engineering college. Somehow by mistake they changed my category from GENERAL to SC
when i saw the result i was shocked. In general category my rank was 105433 but because of SC quota, It decreased to 8610. What did that mean? it simply meant that a SC Student who will get a rank of 105433 will be preferred to GENERAL student getting a Rank of 8611. Are you OK with this fact? i am not and i will never be until this reservation on the basis of caste is not ended. This is not only my story but is part and parcel of every GENERAL category student. Today we are being exploited in the name of reservation. I want to ask in Future Who will take responsibility of it?

A Rajput boy whose Farmer father don’t even earn Rs 100 a day will have to face all these exploitation but on the other hand a dalit IAS officer’s son who dont require any kind of help from government machinery will get 27% reservation, exemption in fees and all other possible rights which our politicians gave them in the name of Exploitation of the Minority. Why? Why should that Rajput boy suffer discrimination?

Let me Give you one more and hence one of the greatest example of exploitation in the history of our Mankind.

The Massacre in Germany by Hitler against the JEWS. Who can forget the killing of more than 40 million JEWS? Jews are among the most exploited class of their time. Actually, Most exploited class of all time.  After almost 60 to 70 years we can still see Germany among the most developed nations of the world. Germany Progressed, Jews Progressed. Now the thing is, did the Jews needed Reservation in order to progress, fulfill the needs of their community. They did it without any reservation, without any help from the Government. I want to ask, why can’t we do it in India? at least the people asking reservation are not that much exploited in the society.


In 1991 Prime Minister Narasimha Rao introduced 10% separate reservation for Poor Among Forward Castes, But what happened? In 1992 The Supreme Court ruled in the Indra Sawhney case that separate reservation for poor among forward Castes as invalid.

Consequences Of Reservation

Some of major consequences are:

  •  The most affecting consequence of Reservation on Indian People is that it produced communal tension among Indians. It developed hatred among the society. Before 1990 Non of the students knew what is OBC? They didn’t had any tension with other caste students, but since the implementation of Mandal commission there had been a state of jealousy  among the students.
  • Another consequence of reservation is that There is a strong feeling among people that in the future there won’t be a single GENERAL category student going for higher education in India or would get Govt JOBS. I guess govt will try its best to make it happen. What all reservation will do is that it will reverse the process of exploitation of minority to Higher castes.
  • It will certainly Decrease the quality of  working professionals. Ask yourself a question who will want to get treated from a Doctor who has been chosen because of his caste but not for his knowledge and skills?  Don’t know about you but i will never be ready for this thing.
  •  A guy who don’t even have money to buy food for his children, how can he enjoy Reservation when he cant go for it?
  • It has been used to vov some special castes for votes by politicians and hence dividing INDIA.
  • Without bloodshed and violence this reservation virus an never be uprooted because neither Minority groups nor the upper caste people will step backward.
Our Fate In Hands Of reservation?
Our Fate In Hands Of reservation?


Today India strongly needs to revise its Reservation system. Only the people who need help of government should be a part of reservation system.

  • It should be mainly focused on economic basis and not on birth basis.
  •  there should be a time limit of the reservation, as d.r. B.R Ambedkar proposed reservation for SC people in Parliament representation For a time limit of 10 years.
  • Other reforms should be made to help Minority people getting back their social status rather than giving them reservation.
  • Right to Education should be strictly practiced so that every children, no matter Dalit or Brahmin, rich or poor should get equal and free education.
 I ask you do you want reservation on the basis of Economic condition or On religion,Caste and Gender basis?

    • Spread this Article, get more and more people aware of this matter.

    • sudhanshu

      i m also against reservation strongly……


    I totally agree with u..
    i also suffered a lot due to this reservation system.
    kindly note that if u need any help do send a mail & i will try my level best to help u in all aspect..

    • what kind of help Nirav shah ji?

  • sandeep

    I agree with you.
    but just think how can you neutralize biased nature of general people .If you sit in interview and you don’t get job because you are dalit. Can you not make sure unbiased nature of recruiter .You dont get a shop or home in societies only because you are dalit.Even you can not get a room on rent.Is there any magic wand that will ease it.
    You can not fight with exploitation until unless you are strong enough to defend yourself.
    What If I say you people have reservation in every space(water food land wealth) of society only difference is that you people are living in is officially not declared.
    You always talk about that sc/st people don’t score even though get selected But if I ask you what is reason behind their low score.Its very pathetic that people who are well educated they think like that. Why don’t you go to dalit locations to find out reason. I promise you will find thousands of reasons to regret.
    Do u even know that 27% people you talk about has only 1% economic ownership.
    If you look back history many saints (Swami Vivekanand , Parmahansha, Gandhi) opposed caste system . Did it make any difference ? NO, Because roots of caste system is so deep you just can not dig out in a moment .
    It is something those who are strong have right to live.
    You talked about The Massacre in Germany by Hitler against the JEWS do you even think that it is similar to Indian caste system.No it is not .

    • You’re right they are not understanding….
      But he does not know. Reservations made ​​but do not giving to reserve category student and many things. Because we are there to pay bribes. We ourselves have to pay for job and many more…

  • Pam

    In India everybody is living under reservation . Higher castes have reservation in the form of casteism for last 2000 years. SC/ ST just got it now and is a problem . Some facts to clarify Dr. B.R Ambedkar is quoted very efficiently here to say he asked reservation for 10 years . Question is have the conditions that led to need for reservation disappeared now that there should be no reservation? Reservation is a result of castesim not the vice versa . Stop casteism and reservation need will stop on it’s own.

  • anil

    everyone have got reservation according to population ratio. then what is point when govt takes steps to uplift downtrodden masses who are denied basic facilities till today. who will ensure their representation on different plateforms. and still we talk about merits when we we know that merit was never consideres that is why there is reservation. nobody talk about abolition of caste. reservation will automatically abolished

  • sandeep mishra

    there is already reservation for toppers and merit holders and that is 50% .what if someone is expelled from the race just by his caste then where is levelled game and merit go in vain . casteism is a reality in india and we cannot go away just by saying that we r all equal and reservation should be banned. this hard and bitter truth that nobody give vote to dalid candidate how merit he may be and vice versa. till casteism will persist reservation will persist. lets wait for time when there will be no caste and discremation then only we can contribute to indias groth

  • Well written by ignoring the ground reality. Actually the day when these so called activist of upper class will unite against caste system then only the day will come when the reservation could be removed. Otherwise there is no point of removing it.

    Remove the caste system, reservation will automatically get removed.

    General gets disappointed after getting ranks in lakhs while sc student gets in thousands but they forget that population wise the number of sc students is much larger than general even though there representation in exams is so less. The usual conclution that general have that these sc candidates dont have merit but general completely ignores the reason why the representation is so less though the population is large.

    I also dont support the reservation thats why I am saying that first remove the reservation spread in the society.

    If you are not doing anything for removing this caste system then you dont have right to say anything against reservation.

  • Hunchamp

    Bhai , reservation is one of the ultimate reason for the suicides rate of student of backward classes of govt. institution . 90% students who commit suicides in IIT are of backward classes .
    Bhai , i had a way to remove the problem can you contact me . My contact no. is 7408353555

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  • chanchal

    I am agree with you,but tell me one thing kya batein karne se sab thik ho jega hume milkar eske against protest karna chaiye.tell me whats ur opinion.