Indian Army Fans Banned | Congress Censors Internet

Congress censors Internet | Indian Army Fans banned

If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide  V/S  If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to censor.

The war between Free Speech (democracy) vs Congress has taken a new toll in India.

The very active Facebook fan page called Indian Army Fans was banned as a measure to censor Internet. Government of India is trying to control free speech and is dictating over Internet and now Social networks. Social network is the place where you can get to see and observe the real unbiased news of common man or citizens of that country.

Congress has banned Indian Army Fans from Facebook as a measure to censor anti congress campaignes. Except handful of Indians, most citizens do not like this governance. The fallacy of Economy and rising of prices need to be controlled. A necessary product like Milk costs around 52 INR per Litre in India (approx 1.2 USD for 1 litre of Milk).

Indian national congress has once again attempted control how citizens of India thinks.

Long ago, Anonymous, a notorous internet group of hacktivists started Operation India to support Lok pal Bill drafted by Anna Hazare and other members. When, Anonymous striked Indian Army website they faced critics and were demoralized because, Citizens of India were annoyed when they saw Anonymous touching their Indian Army property. To this, Anonymous replied, they wanted to see the rage and guts of revolution in Indians but, found them to be not worthy of a revolution and Op India was shut down. Congress abused the free speech of Citizens and blocked Indian Army Fans page which did rage Indians but, as guys from Op India rightly said, Indians will give in easily, they deserve no revolution. Can this critic be true?

Will this result in roadside revolution as it did in Egypt, Libya, etc? or will citizens of India accept the domination of government by compromizing their free speech and submission to will of Congress?

Time will tell.