Why Is iOS 7.1 Update Is Not Good For Apple?

iOS 7.1 Update Issues

Battery Drainage Issue in iOS 7.1 Update
Battery Drainage Issue in iOS 7.1 Update

iOS 7.1 update solves motion sickness issues in the Apple Devices, but the new update also comes with some unwanted issues. The iOS 7.1 Update has battery life issue, it has also Wi-Fi issues for some devices and issues with new siri voice for British users.

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Lets talk about the wifi issue:

Some frustrated users have said that they are getting errors in Wi-Fi connectivity. The network automatically gets disabled and gives an error that Wi-Fi Network is not available.
This issues is seen mostly in iPhone 4S users.
Coming to the next problem, we have Battery bleeding issue.
Another problem faced by users is of battery drainage. The new update of iOS 7.1 has resulted in 50% battery life reduction.
The problem comes when you use Wi-Fi, the battery starts to bleed.

What is causing battery Issue in iOS 7.1 Update?
We believe that iOS 7.1 update is due to some core programing issues. There are some bugs left in the core files.
At present, Apple has not given any statement on this issue.

Although, the above two issues are not faced by many users, but still, the issues must be resolved.

Another problem with the new update is that Apple has changed voice of Siri.
One person Tweeted “In all seriousness, the new British Siri sucks. The old one was so much fun, and I genuinely do regret updating for that alone.”

How To Solve Battery Issue in iOS 7.1 Apple Devices?

There are three ways to resolve the battery drainage issue of iOS 7.1 devices.

  • First way is to Try deleting the device setting and the user data. (Do not forget to take backup first)
  • To do this, click on settings> general> reset
  • Second method is to install iOS 7.1 update from iTunes. Some users have claimed that installing from iTunes has helped the iOS 7.1 Devices battery issue.
  • Third method is to try to calibrate the device. Put your phone on a charging/discharging cycle so that your phone is calibrated.

However, even though you do follow all these methods, there is no guarantee that your battery drainage issue will be resolved. You must wait for Apple to release fix for this bug.

Author: Naveen Thakur