iPad 3 Can Be Real By The Mid-End Of 2012

iPad 3 Features
iPad 3 is real?

You still might not have the iPad 2, but you have the golden chance to put your hands on iPad 3. Lot of rumors are out there, but there is a strong possibility of  the present rumors about the iPad 3  being true.

No one can deny that there is always a rumor about Apple products at the end of the year. Same is the case this time, 2011 is ending and Many bloggers have started to give fake description of the iPad 3. Like what happened with iPhone 5, though There was no iPhone 5, but many bloggers created an atmosphere of iPhone 5 being a phone of the century. They projected it with Fake specifications like 4G network, Loaded with Adobe Flash and bla bla.

Some of the rumors about iPad 3 are:

  1. The iPad 3 could be 4G and use Qualcomm’s LTE Gobi 4000 chip, according to CNET. Apple uses Qualcomm to supply the 3G chips in its iPhones. Digitimes says the new tablet is also expected to use a quad-core A6 processor, an upgrade from the A5 in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. 
  2. A “retina display”-level screen is expected to finally arrive on the iPad with Apple’s next launch. The 9.7-inch display is expected to boast a 2048×1536 resolution, according to DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim. 
  3. The display is also expected to utilize a different kind of technology than past iPads: indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) — this in order to increase resolution to full HD. Jefferies analyst Peter Mizek suggested Apple would be using a modified version of IGZO, as this technology would allow the device to be thinner since it wouldn’t need dual-bar LED back-lighting. 
  4. iLounge, on the other hand, expects the iPad 3 to be “modestly thicker” (0.7 mm) than its predecessor. 
  5. The Wall Street Journal reported in November that Sharp would be making the displays for Apple’s next-generation iPad (and that Sharp already supplies displays for iPhones). Digitimes says that both Sharp and Samsung will be producing the high-resolution displays, whose dimensions are the same as the iPad 2’s. 
  6. iPad 3 could have up to a 14,000 mAh battery, says Digitimes. 

Source: wired

We cannot deny the rumors about it, but all we can say is that all this can be true by the mid-end of 2012, as we have seen a tendency in apple of launching its product very frequently.

We  should also keep the fact in our mind that Apple is Getting Tough Competition from its Competitors, to stay in the market they have to come up with something new and this time it would be iPad 3. 

We can Assure you that it would come with a Faster processor, Sharper Screen, Voice Control Feature and a Smarter Operating System.

Apple can also cut the price of iPad 3, as competition with other tablet providers such as Amazon Kindle fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab is to the Cut Throat Level.

So lets see what Apple has got in its basket for us :D Right now all we can do is to wait and watch.  ;)

  • Cathy Mccollough

    Exciting news for iPad.

  • deanna

    i think it cute an nice i will ratter the ipad3 then any other ipad