Is Facebook Banned In India?

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Is Facebook banned In India?

Today when i tried to open, it was not opening, i asked some of my Indian friends and they said the same thing. Later i came across the fact that it might be some rouge Indian ISP who have banned Facebook. It looks like Politicians forced the ISP to censor Facebook.

previously a Facebook page was also Banned. You can read that article Indian Army Fan Page Banned here.

Last year Mr Kapil Sibal proposed Censorship IT Law, but it was not implemented Because of worldwide criticism and even Hackers targeted the Government Check my article Cyber Attack On Congress

Some days ago all internet giants (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft) were dragged to court over censorship.

Now everything is clear that Congress leaded Indian govt. has sworn to censor the Indian Internet World.

It is to be checked how they will handle Twitter.

There are many culprit ISP who banned Facebook, but some known names are:

  1. Airtel
  2. Reliance
  3. Tikona

But can also use Facebook despite Block from ISP. Some of the ways to access Facebook are to use it with its other domains, which are yet to be censored. Like

or else you can change the DNS server to

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