Letter to Google

Letter to Google


An anonymous Google Fan has written a letter to Google, requesting to share something important, which all of us MUST KNOW!

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Dear Google Family,

I congratulate to you for being the most dominant technology provider (search engine) in the history of mankind.
Without Google I do not imagine myself to be an engineer today and nor do I see any research boosting to apex.
I am falling short of words on how to praise you.

On 5th oct, 2011; world had an unfortunate event; the loss of the most innovative legend of all times, Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs). I was very shocked when I read about it and various interviews about people discussing the grief. It took me around 2 days to sum up myself from constant letter reading and learning about the great man. However, this was not the end, on the following week, 12th October 2011, one more innovator left us all, Dennis Ritchie. The person who revolutionized the digital edge that we live on, the inventor of C programming language and co-inventor of UNIX operating system. I feel, it is an utter prejudice if the world does not know the father of all that is being used today. In other words, if there was no Dennis, there would be no Apple no Windows and no Google.

It is a sincere request from your fan, that you share this to the world and dedicate a Google Doodle next year (since I intend to pass this letter like a wild fire to someday reach the people at Google before Sep 2012) in his remembrance.

Love and Regards,


I would request all the users who have read this and do think this guy/girl is right in whatever he/she has requested, please share it across, just like I did.


– Max