LG New Smartphone G-Flex Review

LG G-Flex Review

LG G-Flex Review
LG G-Flex Review

LG’s curved Smartphone, LG G-Flex was unveiled for the first time in India on Wednesday and the phone will go on sale in India in February 2014. The phone is the second curved phone,after Samsung galaxy Round. According to IBNLive Amit Gujral, head marketing at LG India, the price of the LG G-Flex in India would be in the range of Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000 but the final price would be announced later.

Features of LG G-Flex:

G Flex has certain world’s first unique and exciting features.

  • It’s big 6-inch plastic OLED (POLED) HD (720p resolution) display that curves from the top to bottom, makes it easier to hold and offer a better video viewing experience and an IMAX-like feel to videos. Dual Window divides the wide 6-inch screen into two separate windows.
  • The curve also improves sound as the curvature brings the microphone closer to your mouth.
  • It has a self-healing rear panel that automatically fixes any minor scratches or scruffs that the rear casing suffers.
  • The screen resolution is 1280x720p.
  • The touchscreen of G Flex is made of plastic, not glass like other smartphones.
  • Depending on how G Flex is held, Swing Lockscreen alters the image on the lockscreen.
  • Face Detection Indicator displays the LED on the Rear Key in green to confirm status of face detection and focus.

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CAMERA of LG G-Flex: 

The phone has 13 MP rear end camera and 2.1 MP front end camera. The QTheatre software gives quick access to photos, videos and YouTube right from the lock screen. The app appears with the effect of theatre curtains drawn, by touching the screen and dragging outward along the curved surface with both fingers.


This smartphone comes with the world’s first curved battery technology. It has a 3,500mAh battery which should provide enough power for a full day’s use.


The smartphone has 2GB LP DDR3 of RAM and 32GB of storage space.


The smartphone is 160.5mm in length, 81.6mm in breadth and 7.9-8.77mm in height and weighs 177 g.


The phone will be available in Titan Silver colour.


It runs the Android 4.2.2 version of Jelly Bean.


The phone supports 2G,3G(HSPA+),4G(LTE-Advance) for better connectivity. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with USB 3.0 version. The phone also supports WiFi and NFC.


The key hardware specifications of LG G Flex are-

  • It has a 2.26 GhZ Snapdragon (MSM 8974) 800 quad-core processor with Adreno 330 clocked at 450 MHz for graphics.
  • The power key is on the back and it has no micro SD card slot.

Author: Kriti Jain