MediaFire App For Android Smartphones

MediaFire app for android smartphones
MediaFire app for android smartphones

Unlike many of the free mass storage service providers, you will find that MediaFire is quite simple and easy to use. Not to forget it provides you with 50GB storage also. Increasing numbers of smartphones has lead MediaFire to launch a new ‘MediaFire App for Android Smartphone’ users.

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This MediaFire Application works on almost all major android powered smartphones. It is compatible with the following popular android smartphones: HTC One V, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid X etc. If your handset is running android version 2.2 or above, then this mediafire app for android will run perfectly on your smartphone.

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What Are Benefits of Using MediaFire app for android?

1) You can easily upload all kind of files like docs, presentations, media, video, spreadsheets  audio files etc. on the cloud network of

2) You can synchronize all the data available on the Mediafire cloud with your smartphone and your desktop.

3) MediaFire allows you to take and upload images instantly, witout any problem.

MediaFire App for android photos backup
MediaFire App for android photos backup

4) You can directly upload all the android gallery images on the MediaFire application.

5) MediaFire App for Android allows you to share sms, email, mms and any other texts very easily.

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However MediaFire app for android has some drawbacks also. Lets learn about the drawbacks.

What Are The Drawbacks Of MediaFire app for android?

1) One of the thing which you won’t like is that this app is supports advertisements. These ads are sometimes very irritating and also use your bandwidth.

2) For free MediaFire apps, there is a limitation for uploading the files of up to 200 MB only. Files largers than 200 MB cannot be uploaded or downloaded on your free MediaFire app for android smartphones.

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3) You cannot directly upload photos from your camera, this comes as a major drawback as its other competitors like Dropbox and Google drive allows you to automatically upload the images captured from your phone camera.

4) There are some technical drawbacks too. When you are not logged in your account for a long time, MediaFire can suspend your account and delete all the files from your account. So we suggest that you use this app once in a while.

All these limitations aside, no one can deny the fact that 50GB is a lot of space and no other cloud service provider provides this much storage space. You can also upgrade your account for just $1.50 extra charge per month. After upgrading to this pro MediaFire app, all the limitations will be abolished and you’ll be able to upload/download the files which are more than 200 MB in space. If you are using the Pro app of media fire, the advertisements present in the app will be removed automatically.

How to download the MediaFire App for android?

To download the MediaFire app for android smartphones, you need to go to the Google Play and search for the MediaFire app, or you can click on the link to download the MediaFire App for Android:


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