Microsoft releases three versions for Windows 8

In a move that is calculated to help the Windows operating system take back some of its long-gone tech supremacy. Microsoft made a announcement in January 2011 that it will be creating a new product that can play on high-end tablet devices like the Apple iPad and other smart phones. Now, 15 months later, Microsoft launches the follow-up to Windows 7—the Windows 8 in Standard, Pro, and RT.

Windows 8 in the making

In February of this year, Microsoft allowed public access to the test versions of Windows 8, something which techies dub as the “beta testing phase”. The beta testing phase allows real-life users to try out certain software and report any bugs and glitches that the in-house testers may have missed. Apparently, the Windows 8 testing version did not at all take too long to perfect, hence its official launch after a mere month and a half.

Previous versions of the Windows operating systems have always included two versions. The Standard version is the basic package and is typically recommended for home computers and other devices that are simply used for word processing, web browsing, etc. The Pro version has more features and capabilities compared to the standard package which are suitable for computer enthusiasts and professionals who may perform special tasks like domain management, advanced programming, etc.

Touchscreen Adaptation In Windows 8

The Windows RT is certainly a game-changer as far as the new version goes. With Android OS being integrated into most handheld devices and tablets, the Windows system has been largely left out of the cold these past few years.

With the integration of Windows RT, Windows users can now choose to use touch screen devices or conventional keyboard and mouse set-ups. ARM, A British-run microchips manufacturer, will be integrating the Windows 8 system into their chips.

As a side note, last Easter Sunday, Nokia released their hero Smartphone, the Lumia 900, which is Windows-based. Despite the early glitches such as the store holiday launching and the software data management bug, the Lumia 900 did have solid reviews. As one of the newer devices to opt for Windows rather than Android, the success of the Lumia 900 will play a role in Microsoft’s success at reinventing itself.

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