Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad: The Battle Of Tablets

Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad

Microsoft launched its new tablet named ‘SURFACE’ at an exclusive event in Los Angeles which makes a tough competition with the iPad . Apple’s tablet dominates the great position in the market. Microsoft take a huge risk to compete with iPad which has a stronghold in the tablet market and have a throne of tablet . lets check out which is better in the war of Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad.

Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad
Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad

Surface represents the major shift in the strategy of Microsoft Windows business unit. For years many hardware companies like Dell, HP, Acer and many more launch their hardware products in the market.  Now Microsoft will be competing directly with the ultra book segment of the market.

Microsoft showed off two versions. First version i.e. ‘SURFACE PRO’ will run windows 8 from the chips of Intel corp. that supplies these chips in many PC’s. Second version i.e. ‘SURFACE’ will  run with windows RT which is powered by the chips of Nvidia corp. that supplies these chips basically in cellphones and tablets.

The main aim of this software is to unseat the apple’s iPad.

Now the question arises in everyone’s mind that which one is best from every point of view? I would like to make it easier for everyone to choose the best tablet that which one is best for them Microsoft’s surface or iPad.

What are the features offered by ‘SURFACE’?

This is a pretty sweet device that seems to incorporate all the critical as     well as most dream features. The main features of this tablet are:

  • Microsoft believes that the most integral part of the tablet should be its stand. The Surface’s built-in- kickstand is made up of the same sturdy VaporMg material that encases the slate. Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky said “The hinge design is like that of the finest luxury car”. This built-in-kickstand is 0.7mm thick comes with any surface.
  • Features of Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad It is available in touch cover + type cover, two keyboard covers. The touch cover is 3mm in thickness and has a touch sensitive keyboard while type cover is thicker and includes tactile board. Both these covers also featured with the multitouch touchpad.  This type cover with regular keys.
  • You will be able to plug a USB memory stick or any external hard drive directly into the surface tablets. Both the surface models connect to the internet via Wi-Fi only.
  •   Both the surface tablet will sport 10.6 inch screen with full HD display coated in second generation of gorilla glass . Another thing is the weight of both the versions of surface. ‘SURFACE PRO’ weighs almost 2 pounds and ‘SURFACE’ weighs almost 1.5 pounds.
  •   The Xbox Smartglass feature, which Microsoft rolled out at this month’s E3 video gaming expo, will work with the ipad and android tablets. 

iPad vs Surface

iPad Vs Microsoft Surface

iPad vs Surface Tablet

Why Microsoft take a risk to compete with apple?

We all know that the whole world is of technology. Similar thing, Microsoft also considered and it is quite interesting to take risk to compete with apple, king of hardware services. For a long years software is on the hill and hardware possess poor position. To overcome from such problem, Microsoft take a risk and launches its new ‘SURFACE’ tablet.

Microsoft makes a history by launching its new tablet. Microsoft put the innovative features in the surface which will attract a lot of customers.

And we definitely say, yes that Microsoft compete with apple and hit apple from its dominant position.

It is good to see Microsoft comeback. Microsoft may not be able to garner the same level of margin a per the software services till it can prove the demand of these services.


I personally believe that Microsoft will not go forward from apple and become the leader of the market. One who uses apple’s product will still considered apple better option for their use. ‘SURFACE’ does not make the huge effect on the apple’s new ipad but I can still say that the ‘SURFACE’ is one and only tablet that make a tough competition with apple.

Microsoft cannot replace apple from its position but the strongest competitor of apple.

Author: Kriti Jain

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