Microsoft Window 7.5 Mango Vs Google Android Vs Apple iOS 5


Window Promised That Year 2012 will be the year of Windows Phone, Since its Launch, Window Mobile OS has rised up in the graph very quickly.
So we decided to check on Windows promise.

lets compare windows Phone mango 7.5 with Android 2.3.2 Gingerbird and iOS 5 iPhone.


In Android phones there is a feature to swtich between Different apps like SMS, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, but in case of Mango you need not to switch between different apps.
one the other hand iPhone are quite similar to Android Phones in terms of messaging.
When we talk about emails, Android wins this round with its unique inbuilt email app, which allows you to perform all kinds of function you want.
In mango you can do the same but it will still lack the amazing touch of Android Phones. Moreover mango Phone mango doesnt have Push Email.
Now talking about iPhone, the email client is sophisticated one, it gives you acess to your multiple accounts like gmail, hotmail and yahoo and moreover there is an option of wireless syncronization in iOS 5.

Conclusion: iPhone Wins The race.


One of the most unique feature of the Mango OS is Live Tiles.It is a nice concept but still there is nothing to make a hype of it.
iOS 5, which is inspired by Android Notification bar lacks the simplicity of Android Notification Bar.\

Conclusion: Android Is of no match.

Web Browser and Multitasking:

iPhone web browser is 52% slower than Android, Android browser speeds past iPhone on 84% of sites. which creates a winning edge for Android browser, but Mango has a special feature, it is damn good in multi tasking. Both Android and iPhone liacs in it.
Android’s multitasking is very dependent on the phone’s hardware. For example, if I loaded a web page on Android’s browser, and then moved away to reply to an email, the page shall start reloading when I come back to that application.
Multitasking with Windows Phone was a more pleasurable experience. After I opened 6 tabs on the Internet Explorer browser, the pages stayed open and loaded even after being away from that app to reply to a plethora of messages, watching a video and posting updates on Facebook for over 2 hours. Now, that is the kind of multitasking I’d expect out of a smartphone. This is something I really like about the Blackberry OS too.

Conclusion: Mango Is king of Fruits.

User Interface:

Windows mango is damn sexy and stylish in terms of Looks, iPhone and android on the other hand can be customised with some effort to make it look pretty. Compared to Mango hich hardly needs any efforts.

Conclusion: Windows Mango rules this category too.


Not much to say in this field. Android Knocks out iOS and Window Phone in this field.
Android is supported with almost 6 lakh apps in its official marketplace and even double in the unofficial world. on the other hand Apple iOS supports nearly 6 lakh apps in their official market place, but there are not many apps outside marketplace of Apple.

conclusion: Android Gets a little edge over iOS. Windows Is No Where.

Maps and Navigation:

Bing maps is useless and iOS does a little in this field to maintain its reputation against Google Maps, which are used in Android Phones.
Google Maps which its latest update can even navigate inside buildings.

Conclusion: Google Android Rooxxxxx


All Mango, Android, iPhone have EDGE, 3G and WiFi connectivity option.
Apple leads the way with its unique sync option.
you can sync your songs and other things using wireless technology.
whereas android has the option to be connected as a drive on the computer.

conclusion: iPhone Is Ringing :D


Android wins the race over Apple iPhone iOS 5 and Microsoft windows 7.5 Mango.

Microsoft needs to do a lot of changes in order to compete with Google’s Android Phones and iPhones.


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21 Responses

  1. David says:

    WP7.5 has push email and multiple account support
    WP7.5 bingmap rox googlemap
    WP7.5 can synchronize all your document with wifi and even more it include all the cloud stuff 10 times better than the others

  2. Richard Wooldridge says:

    I purchased an HTC EVO 3D android phone 2 weeks ago, and found it totally unsatisfactory for business use. In my mind it’s just a fancy toy. It does NOT have adequate bluetooth support – for instance it cannot be configured to auto answer the phone call after 2 rings, so is unuseable as a hands-free device when driving, and will not automatically find my bluetooth headset when I turn it on in the morning, I have to go to the bluetooth devices screen and “turn it on” every time, doesn’t have the capability to display notes in my exchange server contacts list, cannot display the list by company, etc…. all of which my old HTC touch pro 2 phone does very capably. Also, I find it almost impossible to type info on, whereas the touch pro 2’s stylus makes typing very easy to do, and it also has a full keyboard for longer messages. So the fancy new toy is in my junk drawer and I’ve gone back to the HTC touch pro 2, a REAL BUSINESS PHONE.

  3. Ezra says:

    wp7 mango has push email, it surpasses the other two OSes in terms of messaging too because of its deep social integration. The apps?hmmm most of them are useless anyway. Wp7 mango wins in messaging, ui and multitasking— and these 3 are my major requirements in a phone nuff said:-)

  4. Grishma says:

    Wp7.5 Mango has not transfering data via Bluetooth why?

  5. raven says:

    Hi admin,

    “you can download bluetooth app from their app market”

    May i have the link to support your statement above?

    I had tried to search @ marketplace….but does not found..



  6. chiery says:

    “Android Knocks out iOS and Window Phone in this field.
    Android is supported with almost 1 million apps in its official marketplace and even double in the unofficial world.”

    Are you kidding me 1 million Apps? Where did you get the data from? Android has 400,000 apps now and iOS has 500,000 apps…

  7. lagar says:

    With the new nokia phone comping out nokia has a built in free navigation system..

  8. Rupam says:

    Window 7.5 has no bluetooth file sharing like iOS.If I want to send any file to other device, I am helpless So No use of Such OS.

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