Tech Entrepreneurs: Most Successful and How to Become One

Tech Entrepreneurs

Tech Entrepreneurs
Tech Entrepreneurs

In order to become a successful tech entrepreneurs, the most noteworthy thing that one must possess is a clear vision. The journey towards this vision should be relentless never stopping on the way till it is achieved. Proper business know-how and resources will be needed to make this journey successful. One must have the capability to carve something interesting out of nothing. The transformation of a dream into reality needs a lot of dedication and perseverance. Lighting fires in the souls of would be entrepreneurs would be the fact being a boss of themselves. Though, not every one of them can become a Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs but yet they can bring about a difference in the industry in many ways.

In order to bring good and highly innovative ideas to life, the tech entrepreneurs need some sensibilities brought to their business acumen. Success can only be achieved if one dreams big and never let it up till it is turned into a reality. Incessant drive, talent and loads of luck are necessary ingredients for the success recipe. Knowing more about the lives of some famous tech geeks can help us understand what it takes to become a tech entrepreneur.

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Most Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

Below are some of the people who succeeded in making a presence on the virtual world.

Evan Williams

He is an one most successful Internet tech Entrepreneurs who has founded one of most widely used blogging platform, Blogger. Evan is also co-founder of Twitter. His present Net worth is &1.8 billion. was acquired by Google on Feb 13th 2003.
He has been named by MIT as one of the top 100 innovators under age of 35.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is considered as one of the important contributor in the field of Information Technology. The impact of the work done by Steve Jobs will surely be remembered for decades to come. Today’s highly tech savvy people who are interconnected globally cannot ever forget the contributions of this giant in IT industry. Before Jobs contributed in this field, computers were in use, though, at this time, these machines were basically used for business related purposes and were quite expensive. Therefore, the use of computers was not as extensive as we see today.

Apple Computers Inc was founded by Steve Jobs in the year 1976. Since then, the company touched new heights every now and then. The first contribution was the release of Apple II which turned out to be the first personal computer having mass appeal. All over the world, every hospital, every office and every school started using this machines that helped them to simplify their task to a considerable extent. This was surely a commendable feat for the company and its founder.

iMac Computer was released in the year 1998 under the leadership of Steve Jobs. It was another contribution that brought a revolution in the field of Information Technology. The computer was stylish and available in plethora of colours. Thus, contribution of Steve Jobs is going to remembered in the times to come.

Larry Page

Born in Michigan, Lawrence Edward Page is remembered to make information easily accessible for people all over the world. He has contributed in the field of Information Technology by undertaking a project that analyses several patterns that are seen in linkages among various WWW or World Wide Web different sites. The major objective of Larry was to devise a specific method for the determination of Web pages number that are linked to any given page. In 1997, Google was registered. This company was meant to ensure information being useful and accessible for people all over the world using computers and World Wide Web. Since its inception, Google has been growing exponentially with leaps and bounds. People who had stake in Google became millionaires overnight. Google has also grown owing to various strategic acquisitions like hardware and software companies thereby enhancing its strength. They have used innovative teleconferencing, video and social networking products. YouTube was bought by the company in the year 2006 that further enhanced the strength of the company. Today, Google has become so big that people can vouch for it. This is all because of the famous entrepreneur, Larry Page and his immense contributions in the field of IT.

Elon Musk:

Elon musk is an american tech entrepreneur. Hr is the co-founder of Zip2, SpaceX, Paypal and Tesla motors.
Everyone knows paypal and tesla motors, but those who don’t know about SpaceX, it is a space transport company. The dragon spacecraft created by the company is to initially transport cargo into space, and later humans.
Right now Elon musk’s net worth is $8.8 billion. Also, he is knows as real life Iron Man.

Bill Gates

With the help of his extraordinary vision and foresight, Bill Gates brought about a revolution in the field of Information Technology. His contribution in Microsoft has resulted in its exponential growth and success. He is responsible for every strategic decision in the company and to single-handedly spearheading it towards success. The development of new and innovative technology in the company has been possible due to his contribution.

All these entrepreneurs are not only remembered for their innovations and their ability to think out of the box but also for their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Om Malik:

Om Malik is an Indian-American web and technology writer. He is the founder of GigaOM, one of the most successful technology websites. He has been writing for various other media houses for over 20 years.
Currently his website GigaOm ranks among top 2 thousand websites on the internet.

Alexis Oganian

Alexis is an american internet entrepreneur based in new york. He is known for founding Reddit, Hipmunk and Breadpig.
Reddit: Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts. Users then upvote them or downvote them to rank the post and determine its position on reddit’s pages. It is one of the most popular website on internet. it is among top 100 websites.
HipMunk: He also started hipmunk, it is a online travel company which focuses on visual organization of flight search results.

Author: Naveen Thakur