My Tram Experience video proving racism in United Kingdom (UK)

My Tram Experience has fired up Youtube and twitter. Racism do exist. On the philosophical note, we humans tend to get along with each other only when there is a relevance to our predecessors. For example, it is not just about Black, White, Brown and orientals but also, about the regions. If you notice the first part of the video, woman is pointing to Polish, people from Poland are whites! Her argue was against non-English and not non-whites. This can be a good example of Freedom of Speech vs Racism Further to heat up a black woman pointed at her because, there were children in the Tram and asked her to refrain from using foul language. The video responses on Youtube were total shockers. Few Whites said, she just stood up for the whites and English and said what was to be said and others comdemned this act. Couple of English whites comdemn this act of racism whilst others still willing to be against the other races. On retrospection, British invaded South Africa, Asia and other parts of the world, captivated other races and brought them to Great Britian (the) as slaves. While democracy flourished and world changes its course over the period post World War II, Blacks and other races were given the standard of Citizens and since then, they have been living in these countries run by Whites. Same applies to Brown skinned. After EU merger, many Europeans have travelled across and lived in The United Kingdom. The point to note is, Cosmopolitan city for growth of Country is a great concept but, a failed theory in real life.