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  1. Patricia Anderson says:

    Gosh! hacking is really taking its toll. It really scares those who have Hotmail accounts. Hope it’ll stop!

  2. Renee Ragucci says:

    This kind of news really pisses me off. Why does one invent something that can harness somebody’s privacy and security. Glad that somebody’s making way for this to stop!

  3. paul says:

    pissed off lost 2 hotmail accounts and my xbox 360 account has gone tits up very pissed off look on YOUTUBE F IN HACKERS EVERYWHERE

  4. Jason says:

    Darn, I heard this is fixed now. I would have paid a fortune to have that guy hack into a particular hotmail account for me.

    • Sondra says:

      I would have paid allot too Jason….my husband was/maybe still is cheating on me using his hotmail acct to communicate with his ‘girlfriend’….he promised me it is over but won’t tell me his hotmail password….(what does that tell ya–I know maybe he is still e-mailing her)…problem is we have been married 40 some odd years yrs…I am 65 and need surgery on both knees….can’t walk right now….anyway….I really do still love him….(but I’d like to know if he is still ‘at it’…

  5. Rolf says:

    Big Lols @ above comment ^^

  6. zeta says:

    Im an experienced hacker.My team & I can hack any email id (yahoo,gmx,gmail,hotmail,rocketmail,,etc),irrespective of the reason,ie monitoring cheating spouses,protecting a family member,get ur compromised account back,delete a mail u dont want the target to get,payback or whatever personal or non-personal reason you may have for a reasonable fee.I always provide proof before payment so you know you are not being scammed. The victim will not realize that he/she has been hacked.Send me a mail “zetabug (at) gmx (dot) com”.We try to reply every client ASAP & execute the project in the quickest time-frame possible.Cheers

  7. Anonymous says:

    Give you contact , i will pay you for each hotmail that i want you to hack.

  8. stefan says:

    a3teijmj EMAIL -PASSWORD

  9. adam says:

    I need to gain access to a account, I will pay for the password but i can only pay after i have the password but I will give you £1000 for doing it. johnsonjack048@gmail(dot)com

  10. akef69 says:

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    thanx and am ready to pay also for recover just plzz any one say it’s true .

  11. m0hs says:

    Hi guys, First of all, Im one of the members and the hotmail exploit has been closed for ages. after hacking 1000 emails in the middle-east. However there are still hackers who can hack any email and website they want. The strange thing is that there is a website which sells emails and exchange them. Have a look at this website.

    thanks guys


  12. Sam says:

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  1. January 13, 2013

    […] in question contains controls to power sources for the entire United States, understanding these vulnerabilities and preparing for the worst is […]

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