Nokia 3310 Relaunched At €49 Euros

Nokia 3310 Relaunched

Nokia 3310 relaunched at mobile world congress
Nokia 3310 relaunched at mobile world congress

Nokia has relaunched their iconic Nokia 3310 phone at the Mobile World Congress by Arto Nummela.

Specifications of Nokia 3310

  • Battery: It has massive 22 hours talktime, which is more than 10 times what old Nokia 3310 offered. The phone has 1 month standby time.
  • Screen: The screen size is 2.4” (inches). The screen is curved and polarised so that you can read content from your phone even in sunlight.
  • Colours: The phone will be offered in 4 colours. Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish.
  • Camera: It has a 2 MP camera with flash.

BTW, have you forgotten Snake? Yes! the phone is coming back with the iconic Snake game.

Last, but not least, it will have the famous Nokia ringtone.

Price of Nokia 3310

The price of Nokia 3310 is 49 (euros). That is roughly Rs. 3448/- in Indian price.