Nokia Lumia 620 in India

Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 620

For all the Nokia Lumia fans in India there is a good news on the technical horizon,  Nokia Lumia 620 is available for pre-orders online.

Nokia Lumia 620 Overview

Well this time round Nokia comes out with an affordable nokia lumia series smartphone  as it is the cheapest smartphone to run on Microsoft mobile operating system .It is the modestly priced entry level windows phone which represents the best value devices on the platform till date.This brand new device outsmarts its predecessor nokia lumia 610.

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All the above is true and fascinating but at the same time also keeping in mind.

That this phone should not be compared with the big brothers like 8000/900 series of the same.

Nokia has a winner in hand with nokia limia 620 as it has some high end feature with slick and nimble body though an entry level phone it provides nokia a much neede boost .

A great choice for those who want no fuss but quality.

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Why to buy Nokia Lumia 620?

  1. If you are looking for a smart phone with all the features you ever wanted but were scared of the prices then lumia is just built for you. It encompasses all the features you ever desired.
  2. Nokia lumia 620 features a 3.8 inch TFT screen with nokia clearback display technology .
  3. Nokia Lumia 620 has a pixel density of 246 ppi and resolution of 800x480p.
  4. It is powered by 1Ghz Dual core krait processor which is  specifically designed for gaming purposes albeit coupled with 512 MB of RAM.
  5. The phone has 8 GB of inbuilt storage memory along with 64 GB external memory.
  6. Not only this nokia lumia also allows you to share 7GB of free cloud storage on nokia skydrive
  7. Nokia Lumia 620 has included a 5 Mp camera with LED flash on the rear, while an integrated VGA unit in the front.It also provide multiple connectivity which includes
  8. Wi-Fi,NFC,2G,3G,Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0.It also has a 1300 mAH battery that supports a talk time of 14.6 hr over 2G networks.
  9. Apps like cinema graph ,smart shoot, city lens ,Microsoft office , Nokia music, OneNote, Lync,Skype and nokia maps are also included.
  10. The available colors are : white, black, green, cyan and magenta.

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Expected release in India: Early March.

Cost(India): Rs. 13500 (in stores)

Rs. 15199(online preorders)

Cost(U.S.A):$249 (estimated)

Active competitors in market:

Samsung galaxy s duos S7562

HTC T320E one v

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo vMT11i

Samsung Omnia Ms7530

Samsung Galaxy S LCD 19003


In the end we would only like to conclude that The Nokia Lumia 620 is an impressive device. At least on paper, the features might not impress the techo freaks but in real life, it should.

Nokia has brought an astonishingly well made Lumia experience to the masses for less than $300. On top of that, it has also brought with it some unique and borderline high-end features that oust Nokia’s competitors.