Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Review

Oppo Find 7 Review

Today in the world of technology everything wanted needs to be smart and trendy. The Mobile phones which we are using having categories like simple mobile phones, business phones or smart phones and many others.  As per the usage of the person, one can opt for the same. The most popular among these are the smart phones which are liked and used by all generations. There are different varieties of smart phones available in the market and one of them is Oppo Find 7 which is better smart phones in the race of others.


Oppo Find 7 Smartphone look attractive by the looks it carry and it has the attractive look with the finest display. The screen size is 5.50 inches which is big enough to watch the videos on the mobile. Not only the screen size is big enough it also has fine resolution with 1440 X 2560 pixels and the pixels spread per inch is 538. Due to the high resolution the clarity of the pictures are superior. It has the touch screen, which gives us the experience, which is interactive.

Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Review
Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Review


It has the latest software available on the mobile, which make it more adaptable with all the apps. It has operating system with Android version 4.3 through this one gets the high performance in graphics. It also support the Java, majority of games are, supported by the java.

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Hardware of Oppo Find 7 Smartphone

It has the processor of quad core of 2.5ghz and the maker of the processor is Qualcomm. The RAM has the capacity of 3 GB. Much of the RAM means more of the application can work at a same time and make the phone much faster and does not hang. Mostly all the applications are stored in the phone memory and if the memory is less, than the working of phone become difficult. It has the internal memory storage of 32 GB, which is enough to store lots of apps and with that many other things. If one wants can, expand the storage with the memory card, upto 128 GB.

Camera of Oppo Find 7 Smartphone

Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Reviews
Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Reviews

There are two cameras in this with very high pixels. One can take the photos and make videos of others as well as of self without taking the help of others. It has 13 megapixel of rear camera and 5 megapixel of front camera, which is sufficient to have a good clarity of pictures and videos. One can store the clear picture of memories in their mobile with this feature. Flash is also being, supported by the browser, which helps to take the photo in the dark.


If one wants to access the internet or want to download or upload the pictures or videos then in this phone one can do it with ease. It has the various features of connectivity as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, NPS and various others. It has single GSM sim and Micro sim is, used in this. It supports the latest internet features as 3G.

Battery of Oppo Find 7 Smartphone

With such a wide range of features in the mobile, one needs to have the good battery life. This is necessary otherwise, the phone will dead or phone will be on the charger only. The capacity of the battery is 3000mAh that is more than enough for the mobile to function and has longer life.

Price Of Oppo Find 7 In India

There are two variants of this phone available in India. A Black Version, and a White version.

OPPO Find 7a (Black) costs Rs. 31,990/- Click here to buy the black version of the phone.

Oppo Find 7a (White) also costs the same as the black variant. Click Here to buy the white edition of the smartphone.

Author: Naveen Thakur