Pentax XG-1 Ultrazoom Bridge Camera Reviews

Pentax XG-1 Reviews

Ultrazoom lens is one of the quality that every user wants in their DSLR. Now users can enjoy such type of feature in their Pentax XG-1 camera. Ricoh Imaging has announced Pentax XG-1, the latest DSLR- style ultrazoom bridge camera. This new compact and portable model supports powerful 52X optical zoom lens. This means you can enjoy photographic versatility with this camera.


This is not the only camera in the digital camera market which provides such longer zoom. There are other models too like Nikon P600, Panasonic FZ70 and many more which provides this level of zoom feature. This is the first time of the Pentax, it crossed 26X zoom. So you can consider this as a tough competitor of Nikon, Sony etc. High performance and high quality images are also very important part of the photography that user wants in their camera functioning. Pentax XG-1 captures such high quality images with its back-illuminated CMOS image sensor from ultra wide angle to super telephoto range.

Specifications of Pentax XG-1

52X Optical Zoom lens

Pentax XG-1 is powered with 52X optical zoom lens. This is the most important feature of this camera that makes it different and placed it in higher position in the market. It covers photo from 24 mm ultra wide angle to 1,248 mm super telephoto in 35 mm range of focal length. This camera also provides you the feature of Macro mode. With this you can capture all close up moments and never missed moments from a distance of 1 cm.

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There is no need to change the lens in this camera. The lens has very large aperture ranging from f/2.8 for ultra wide angle to f/5.6 for telephoto range. This camera also features 4X Digital Zoom quality. With this you can extend the Zoom coverage nearly about 208 times having no affect on the quality of image.

Monitor and Resolution

This camera is powered with 3.0 inches rear LCD monitor with the resolution of 480 X 360 pixels (i.e. approximately 460,000 dots).


Pentax XG-1 features 1/2.3 inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which provides you high sensitivity and low noise characteristics. The actual resolution of Pentax XG-1 is 16.79 MP but effective is 16 MP with the maximum resolution of 4608 X 3456 pixels.


Pentax XG-1 features built in flash but lack of external flash. The maximum effective flash range is 1.64-20′ (0.50-6.10 m) at wide angle and 3.9-12′ (1.19-3.66 m) at telephoto range. But this range is very low with the sensitivity of this camera.

There are another features like Red eye reduction and Slow Sync. and you can also combine both of these features.


This camera supports the recording of full HD movie and uses H.264 recording format. The resolutions of the video are 1920 X 1080 pixels at full HD recording, 1280 X 720 pixels at HD recording and 640 X 480 pixels at VGA. The frame rate at all the resolutions is 30 frame per sec but at 720 pixels and 480 pixels, there is one more frame rate of 60 frame per sec and 120 frame per sec respectively.

When you are capturing any video, you can instantly switch to any digital filters using i button. As for example if you want to switch to black and white to sepia then just press i button and now you will have another digital filter of your choice. The extension of the stored video is .MOV.


Pentax XG-1 provides built in storage of 15.4 MB which is very less but enough for some of the pictures. It also supports SD card slot which has compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless and SDHC.


In Pentax XG-1 there is electronic viewfinder that allows you real and SLR- like shooting experience. You feel it handy as you can use it when you need some solid grip of the camera.

This camera also includes Diopter adjustment but right now range is not defined.


There is an electronic shutter in XG-1 which offers the speed of 4-1/2000 sec in default mode and speed of 30-1/2000 in manual mode.


When we talk about connectivity there is USB 2.0, High Definition Multimedia Interface D, AV output and DC output. There is no WiFi connectivity available in this camera but it can transfer images using Eye-Fi.

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Pentax XG-1 supports rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery having battery life up to 260 shots. Its competitor camera supports the battery life up to 330 to 600 shots on single charge. This battery point makes this camera weak.


This camera will be available in August at the price of US $400.

Pentax XG-1 Ultrazoom Bridge Camera Review Whitec0de
Pentax XG-1 Ultrazoom Bridge Camera Review Whitec0de

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pentax XG-1


  • You can capture blur free images in any condition with advanced sensor shift type shake reduction.
  • You can select any shooting without switching on the menu screen.
  • 11 shooting modes are available for beautiful image and video capturing.


  • The major disadvantage of this camera is that it has no WiFi connectivity. But it still it provides the facility to transfer the data.
  • Battery life is very less.
  • Internal storage is very less.

When we compare Pentax XG-1 to another DSLRs, this camera consists very less features than other cameras but this camera is good for beginners. The one who is beginner in photography can use this camera without any doubt. I think this one is very good step by Ricoh Imaging.

Author: Kriti Jain