Pranav Mistry New Mythology Inspired Technology ‘SPARSH’

Pranav Mistry New Mythology Inspired Technology 'SPARSH'
Pranav Mistry New Mythology Inspired Technology 'SPARSH'

The research assistant cum PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab and the founder of SixthSense, Pranav Mistry, took the Nasscom Leadership Forum attendees by storm, recently. Science fiction hardly seems reserved for the big screen, but rather achievable at one’s finger tips. Pranav is already famous for the legendary SixthSense technology he had showcased at TED. This time around, the latest in his quiver was the SPARSH project. He demonstrated how it would be possible to transfer data from one device by just a touch, and then copying it to another by touching the other device.

Additionally, every device that’s connected to a network, essentially, have an IP address. It is that IP address that helps uniquely identify any object and just can be controlled with just a flick of a switch on an electronic device. For example, if a lamp in the house can be identified using an IP address, then it can be easily switch off and on by invoking a relevant application on one’s mobile phone. Simple as that! Mistry calls this technology TeleTouch.

He had also showcased a pair of HD glasses that could project any object on the wall, and could also be used to translate any piece of text into one’s native language, a copy of a similar project being currently developed by Google.

The idea behind all these innovations, as Mistry puts it, is to move ahead of the technological limitations and provide a humane touch to it. He also mentions that his main inspirations are Hindu mythological characters.

“Every culture has its own problems and solutions. Hence, I believe that every problem may not necessarily have a technology solution. For example, is a tablet really necessary when the people may not even know how to use it?”

Source: Hindustan Times