15 Extensions For Chrome To Make Browsing Productive

Productive Extensions For Chrome

Sometimes, it is visually challenging to read on the web. Many people are fond of reading while snuggling beneath a warm blanket but web browsers make it difficult. Using certain Chrome Extensions like Readability and Clearly make reading immensely enjoyable. Against the excessive cluttering of web pages, at least there can be a temporary breather. As attested by some links there are a number of tools that helps in bringing about an improvement in a way webpage gets displayed and helping to read. It is very important to design an improved and enhanced reading experience. The experience should be such that it helps readers to consume valuable information available in web pages without any hassle instead of bit sized chunks. There are many extensions for chrome that ensures that browsing becomes an enjoyable activity. Below are 15 of the best extensions for chrome which will make your browsing experience more productive.

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15 Chrome Extensions For Chrome For Productive Browsing:

1). Link Preview

Link Preview Extension For Chrome

Use: This Extension for chrome helps you get Perfect enjoyment of neat previews and human written summaries of Web pages.

Based on the name of a popular web acronym, this chrome extension helps in reading web pages in a simple and convenient manner. You can find this chrome extension on Chrome Web Store Page. This extension helps readers by condensing web pages thereby creating their gist. Usually, all information available on a web page is not read, and people tend to skim through the pages looking for valuable information. The process of summing up content is shortened by Link Preview and one can now read human edited summaries. When a reader hovers over a link, the extension works to summarise the content. A link preview summary will be seen, and one can also see the webpage summary. In Omnibox, if the icon turns green, it is an indication that there is a summary and it will also work. The extension imparting summary can be seen on the top of the first screen. Conversely, one that is below offers any information that is available beneath the link. As summaries are sourced using cloud, the link will not work on all pages. The quality will no doubt be retained as the focus is laid on human contributions instead of automatic algorithms.

Install Link Preview Extension For Chrome

2). Grammarly Lite – Smart Spellchecker 

Grammarly Lite Extension For Chrome

Use: Grammarly Life extension for chrome checks for spelling mistakes, correct punctuations and comes with a dictionary.

The Grammarly Lite extension for your Google chrome browser is one of the most productive extension. It not only helps you correct your grammar and spelling mistakes, but also lets you search for words in dictionary and thesaurus. This extension for chrome can easily be integrated with all social networking website. It can also check your mails for mistakes so that no bad written article is sent to the other party.
it not only checks for the correct use of Commas but also ensures that correct colons, dashes and pull stop is used in the sentence.
This extension is for those people who writes a lot and are lazy enough to lookup for the meaning of the word in the other tab.

Install Grammarly Lite Extension For Chrome

3). TLDR

TLDR Extension For Google Chrome`

Use: It Summaries generated through machine when reading long web pages.

In order to summarise long web pages and articles on mobiles with Android or iOS platform, there are many tools with TDLR that can help. There are tools available for desktop browsers as well. This extension works by installing the Chrome plug-in and clicking the button available on the toolbar. It extracts necessary elements from the long winded content, and it is presented in a neat and clear overlay.

Install TLDR Extension For Chrome

4). PageZipper

PageZipper For chrome

Use: Convert multipage articles into a summarised single page.

This extension is quite simple from a functional point of view. Its main purpose is to bring about conversion of multi pages into a single page that can be scrolled easily. There are many sites which have content that sprawls through multiple pages. It is quite cumbersome to click through these pages. This extension helps in loading a web page as a single easily scrolled web page.

 Install PageZipper Extension For Chrome

5). High Contrast

High Contrast Extension For Google Chrome

Use: The page colors can be inverted for convenient web reading.

It is really tough and challenging to read all those websites that have dark hued backgrounds. Though it is correct that visual accessibility enhances in a webpage that is dark, but it is a fact that it makes reading a cumbersome effort. High Contrast chrome extension helps by filtering high contrast colors that helps in reading text simpler and easier.

 Install High Contrast Extension For Chrome

6). G.lux Extension For Chrome

G.lux Exntexion For Chrome

Use: This extension helps in changing Color temperature in Chrome browser.

This is cross-platform software and assists in reducing strain on the eyes when using computers at night time. If one reads on a computer in a dark room, this Chrome extension offers great help. The background of the web pages can be customised by offering several cool choices in color. The selection of color should be done in such a way that night reading is not strenuous.

 Install G.lux Extension For Google Chrome

7). Install Scroll to Top Bottom

Scroll To Top Bottom Extension For Google Chrome

Use: Using a shortcut, one can go to the top of a never-ending page easily.

If you look closely at your keyboard, you will see a Home button that helps in going to the webpage top. It has been seen that some sites get freeze when scrolling up. There are many features that are user-configurable. This extension helps in reading web pages easier and convenient. Speed of scrolling also increases.

 Install Scroll to Top Bottom

8). WhatFont

WhatFont Extension for Chrome

Use: This Extension for chrome helps you Detecting Web Font on the website.

Designers and developers can attain a great help with this cool extension allowing them finding out font that is used in a particular webpage. One just needs to hover over it in a browser, and it will find the font. The services are detected that uses for web fonts.

 Install WhatFont Extension For Chrome

9). Ruul.Screen ruler

Ruul.Screen Ruler Extension For Chrome

Use: Ruul.Screen ruler extension Helps in lining and measuring line height.

This is on-screen ruler that helps in lining and measuring up line height, type, strokes, etc. This chrome extension is a great help for designers.

Install Ruul.Screen ruler Extension For Chrome

10). Screen Capture (By Google)

Screen capture extension For Google chrome
Screen capture extension For Google chrome

Use: Helps in capturing visible content.

This helps in capturing tab’s visible content. The captured image is edited, and highlighting is done, adding and redacting of text is done. This can be done before an image is saved.

Install Screen Capture

11). Image Downloader

Image Downloader Extension For Chrome

 Use: Image Downloader helps in downloading image from websites.

This extension is an open source that makes downloading of images simple and convenient from the web. The images that are linked or seen can be downloaded easily.

Install Image Downloader

11). Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper For Chrome

Use: Saving important things as notes for future reference.

Evernote extension helps in saving interesting and important things that come across while net surfing. These can be saved in Evernote account for future reference. The extension also offers search option that helps to wade through bulk notes.

Install Evernote Web Clipper

13). Rescue time for Google Chrome:

RescueTime For Google Chrome
RescueTime For Google Chrome

Use: Keeping tab on online activity.

This chrome extension helps in tracking time that one spends online net surfing in the current active Window or tab so that a tab can be kept on your online activity.

Install RescueTime For Chrome

14). Pinterest:

Pinterest for Google Chrome

Use: Helps in sharing interesting things with others on social networking sites

A prominent photo sharing service is styled as a pin board and is used quite popularly on social network websites. This extension helps users to help finding interesting things so as to share them with others.

Click Here To Install Pinterest On Chrome

15).Pocket Website

Pocket Website Extension For chrome

Use: Pocket Website extension is used to save articles, videos and files that you would like to access later.

You came across an awesome article/video, but crap, your laptop is running out of battery or your friend called you out for some work that will take time. Now what do you do? Thanks to Pocket Website extension, you can save the article or video and view it later.
This extension can syncronize with your smartphone, tablet and computer. This helps you to view the article even when you don’t have an internet connection. Pocket Website extension for chrome also helps you to see the articles in a very elegant layout. Now you won’t even need to search your history for hours trying to find the article you were reading earlier.

Install Pocket Website

Author: Naveen Thakur