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project #1337 Geek On
project #1337 Geek On

Hello Friends, i hope you are enjoying your visit at Whitec0de.

Yesterday night i was sitting in front of my PC, actually my Laptop, in hope of tracking something creative to push a pencil on. After 1 hour of  unfluctuating surfing and with almost 25 active  tabs on my browser, i sighted a very unique and creative idea Kick Off 2012 with Project 365. I read the blogs which were following this style of blogging and i found out that even i can do this.

Those bloggers are posting about their pals, strangers, famous people of their city And i thought why don’t i give it  Taste of technology and humor.

So now i present you

Project #1337 Geek 

What Does 1337 stands for?

1337 stands for Eleet, commonly Geek People Like to write in this way. it is also called Eleet Language or Hackers Language.

In this Project,We will be interviewing 1337 people. 1337 people from the field of Technology. They can be established Bloggers, hackers, programmers etc. We will be posting their complete profile here, with their likes dislikes, their birthdays and even their Jeans size.  Aaaahhh Actually not their Jeans Sizes  :|

They will be answering  question related to their work, related to their professions, their Success Mantra and their future Plans .


I hope you Sensed my Idea.  Yes we all want to Spy in others Life :D

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