Rare Photo Of Mahatma Gandhi Shot Dead

Rare Photo Of Mahatma Gandhi Shot Dead
Rare Photo Of Mahatma Gandhi Shot Dead

Here is a very rare photo of Mahatma Gandhi after being shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse.

This is the last photo of Mahatma Gandhi.

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  • anil Reddy

    godse is a marati brahmin he killed mohandas cause he dint like seeing india getting split into pieces.

    • yes its true Anil Reddy ji

  • anil Reddy

    Gandhiji began to hold his prayer meetings in a Hindu temple in Bhangi Colony and persisted in reading passages from Quoran as a part of the prayer in that Hindu temple in spite of the protest of the Hindu worshippers there. Of course he dared not read the Geeta in a mosque in the teeth of Muslim opposition. He knew what a terrible Muslim reaction would have been if he had done so. But he could safely trample over the feelings of the tolerant Hindu. To belie this belief I was determined to prove to Gandhiji that the Hindu too could be intolerant when his honour was insulted.

    — Nathuram Godse, Answer to the Charge Sheet (Para. 35)

    • yes even i dont like mahatma Gandhi Sickular ideology.

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  • Amit Purohit

    MK Gandhi was a DESHCHOD person. Shri Nathuramji Godse did a very good job in getting rid of that dirty soul…..

  • sameer

    Mr. Reddy,nd Mr.purohit you people are mentally sick you are not worthy of commenting for this legend

  • MON

    No one sick……….this is true…….we are worshiping a person who kept blind in partition…kept blind when Netaji Subhas try to fight for freedom……….only for him…till we are suffering,,,,,

  • hari

    I think MON and Amith are correct

  • Ankit kalia

    Thank you nathu ram godhse rip