How to Register for Your EMC Certification Exam the Easy Way

EMC certification exam
EMC certification exam

Have you ever experienced the confusion and hassle that is often involved with registering for a emc certification exam? That is definitely one stressor that you don’t need as you’re trying to keep your mind fresh before your exam. EMC Proven Professional Certification exams take all the pain out of this process by offering a simple registration process in conjunction with PeasonVUE Testing Centers.

You can register at a PearsonVUE Testing Center or by visiting the PeasonVUE website. In order to make the process move along quickly, you should have the following basic information at your fingertips:

  • -Your Full name as you want it to appear on your certification certificate
  • -Company Name
  • -Mailing address as well as your office email address.
  • -Phone number that you can be reached at
  • -Identification Number that will be assigned to you
  • -The title and number of your exam
  • -Your Exam fee, which is $200 per exam. You can pay by using cash, credit card, or personal check.

After scheduling your exam, it’s time to make your final preparations. This is the time to carefully review your training materials and your study resources. If you have not do so already, you may even want to practice for your exam with a study guide such as Testslive, which will give you a really good idea of the types of questions and time limits you will face on the real exam. Testslive offers a wide variety of EMC practice certification exams that will prepare you efficiently and thoroughly for your certification exam.