Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Camera Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Camera Phone

Samsung is currently biggest manufacturer of smartphone. We see in market, highest percent of smartphone are Samsung phones. Now, Samsung has come up with cameraphone. One areas where most of the modern day smartphones lag is the camera. However, the camera does provide good quality picture, but they cannot compete with the professional cameras. Users have always looked for those phones with such professional picture taking ability. Galaxy Galaxy K Zoom provides the exactly same thing. It comes with 10x optical zoom lens. Now whether you compare this with a phone or a professional camera, it is kind of a dilemma.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Design and Features 

It comes with 4.8-inch AMOLED display, which sports a 720p resolution. This might not be big as the other phones. However, this small size does give you the advantage of making it pocketable. However, this phone could have given 1080p a thought, being a cameraphone 1080p resolution becomes highly valuable feature. The details look sharp and screen has good balanced brightness, which could be of great help for focus and reading text. Device is powered by new Exynos 5 Hexa chipset, which consist of quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex –A7 processor with dual core 1.7 GHZ cortex A-15. It provides 2GB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and with SD card slot to fit expandable 64 GB microSD.

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If we see design wise, K Zoom gives you a feeling of premium phone than its predecessor. It looks little like Galaxy S4 and S5. However, it looks more like a camera due to its lens bulge at the back. This does provide little thickness to the phone. This completely negates the current trend of making slim phone.

If we see the software interface of the phone, it comes with the 4.4.2 Kit Kat Android OS and Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface. There are few pre installed software like Dropbox and S Voice. However, it is a camera phone, software associated with it becomes more important. It provides option of operating camera by sliding camera icon right from the lock screen. Volume buttons control zoom, by pinch touch method from screen. A Virtual Tour mode is available which helps you create a walking photo tour of surroundings.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy  K Zoom:

  • It does have powerful 10x optical zoom lens, which could help you take good quality photos. This 10x optical zoom lens are used in professional photography.
  • Design is improved. Many time users have complained over designs of Samsung phones. But this phone gives feel premium looking phone. It is sturdier and sharper on looks.
  • 1080p video playback. Now as this is a cameraphone, users expect good quality resolution for viewing photos and videos.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom:

• However, first wave of users have complained of getting inconsistent image quality. You have to be perfect for taking good pictures but not everyone is professional photographer. Hence, not all users might satisfied with the quality.
• Most of the camera users like manual control over camera, and same thing will be applied to cameraphone and K Zoom is not up for it.
• Battery life for such high-end phone does get important. K Zoom is a disappointment in terms of battery life.
Overall, it is good attempt from Samsung to get in the growing market of camera phone but they need to improve their products.

Author: Naveen Thakur