Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Preview [Leaked]

Samsung Galaxy note 3

Samsung Galaxy note 3

There were multiple anticipations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and with just one month left the speculations are definitely getting stronger. According to the latest let out, the Smartphone phablet will flaunt a 5.7-inch screen. Unlike earlier speculations which had succeeded the display of Samsung Galaxy Note III at around 6-inches, but if the latest news is to be  believed , the size is reduced considerably.

It seems like Samsung has decided to increase the screen size by 0.2mm with each instalment of the Galaxy Note. While the original Note came with a screen size of 5.3-inches, the Galaxy Note II elucidated it to 5.5-inches. For some time it looked like Samsung would   increase the screen size two folds but then it seems like the company is back on track with a 0.2mm change on magnitude.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications:

Other than the screen size, not much is known. The phablet will initially come with a 3 GB RAM has been not hidden, and the improved RAM is all but sure. The phablet will reportedly feature the latest unveiled Android Jelly Bean 4.3 version. Though the news is great, we are a bit concerned that this might hold back the shipping of the phablet significantly. The phablet is also said to be LTE non-resistant. We aren’t surprised as Samsung recently unveiled an LTE version of their current flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Asian markets.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked Photo

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked Photo

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked Photo

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen:

While the screen size has expanded, we suspect this means a gauzy bezel or a larger phone in general. While the Samsung Galaxy Note II might have seemed impeccable and on ease to hold,  we are not yet confident  how precisely a 5.7-inch screen will fit in one hand.

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Samsung unveiled their Mega series, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 at   reduced price cheaper but larger phablet. However, the phablet have not been that successful so far, and the large size adds to the negative side. The size not only makes it delicate to hold the phone with one hand but is also messy to type. The 5.7-inch screen might be the easier way out, but we still hoped Samsung remained loyal to their screen instead of trying to make it larger and larger with every unveiling.

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