Search Vs. Social: Which Is Best For Your Website?


Search Vs. Social: Which Is Best For Your Website?
Search Vs. Social: Which Is Best For Your Website?

With a forever changing online landscape, local business owners are constantly bombarded with marketing jargon, networking schemes and confusing strategies. The pace of the online world is hard enough to keep up with for the industry experts, for local business owners it’s even harder.
The current online dilemma that local business owners are facing is whether to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) strategy or a social media strategy. Both marketing strategies can be very effective for local business, but deciding which one is best for your local business, depends on what your business is trying to achieve online.

Search is all about discovery:

If the aim of your website is to generate leads and gain new business, then your website need to be discovered.
Consumers use search engines to find and discover businesses that they need, which is why investing in search engine optimisation is so important to local businesses. It allows your website to be the answer that is discovered for particular search term.
Nearly all marketing professionals agree that search marketing is more effective than social media at generating leads.

Social is all about confirming and maintaining:

Although search engine optimization has its benefits in being a better lead generator it is not nearly as effective as social media in improving brand awareness and maintaining customers. You can check my previous article  5 Ways Of Doing Effective Social Media Marketing .
If the aim of your business it to increase brand awareness and make turn first time buyers in repeat purchasers then social media is a must for your business.

What’s best for your business?

Search engine optimization is essential for your business as lead generation is so important.
Social media can play a big role for your business, but only once your business has been discovered and for now, search engines are where new businesses are found and discovered.

An SEO agency can guide you through the best way to promote your website online. Whether it be search engine optimization social media or any other online marketing strategy.

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