SEO Strategy For A Facebook Page Owner

Online business organizations are recently adapting to Facebook pages as their “second home page” and as an increasingly large number of Page owners are learning how to become a successful Facebook marketer, Facebook itself has created enough opportunities for the page owners to create increased traffic through the trial and error methods of search engine optimization or SEO. Do you own a page in Facebook that you want to optimize by using the latest search engine optimization techniques? If answered yes, you have to make sure that you know some of the most important strategies that every Facebook page owner should know.

Stick to choosing the best name for your page: The most vital step that you need to take is to choose the best name for your Facebook page. Stuffing your page title with high value generic keywords can actually harm the viral growth rate of your Facebook page. If the title of your page appears to be a spam, it is most likely that the fans of your pages will not share it with their friends and also hide the updates from the News feeds.

Utilize the “About” text box: Another important SEO strategy that every Facebook page owner may utilize is to place a prose that is dense with keywords at the top of the page. Facebook exercises a limitation on the place where a page owner can place large chunk of prose on the default Wall tab in the page. On the other hand, the “About” box actually represents the uppermost place in the CSS structure. Write something about yourself that can impress your visitors, fans and also help boost your search engine ranking.

Select the best URL for your page: Facebook has recently made it possible for the page owners to choose a vanity URL, that it calls ‘username’ and this is one of the most important SEO opportunities on Facebook till date. Instead of using the page name itself, by using this particular opportunity, the business owners can incorporate generic keywords for purposes of search engine optimization. The URL looks neater and also attracts a larger number of audiences.

Add photos with captions, events and descriptions: When you’re in Facebook, it almost goes without saying that you’ll share interesting content like photos with captions to share with your friends. When you’re posting photos, make sure that you add descriptions that are keyword stuffed and you can also add a discussion forum to your page.

Therefore, when you’re aiming at increasing the SEO ranking of your Facebook page, take into account the above mentioned steps. Boost the visibility of your page and get more visitors.

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