Simple Way To Create Your Own Android App

Create Your Own Android App

You love your Android, and all the apps that are freely available on it. You don’t even care about whether it’s free. Sometimes you buy apps because they are just so good. But now suddenly you are unable to find that one app you’re looking for, and you decide that you will create it, and offer it to others like you, except you have never created something like this. How do you get on it? Well, here are some simple places to get started to create your own android app.

1). AppInventor

Google, being as cool as ever, has come up a simple tool for anyone who has an Android phone, a computer and some basic knowledge of developing tools. You don’t need to have any coding or programming knowledge for this, because you virtually design an app based on how it looks. How it works is, you open the app developer in your browser and using a live connection between your phone and the computer, watch how the app works on your phone. You can use the app for many additions such as a GPS locator, and combine services of Twitter and Amazon too.

2) MyAppBuilder

This has an upside and a downside. The upside is you get a truly professional app by the end of this because you’re not really doing anything. What you’re doing is giving professionals the content you want in your app, such as books, videos, photos, writing and hyperlinks etc, and letting them develop a snazzy app for you. They’ll upload it to the store for you and give you feedback on its development. You can create two applications in a month. It is and not free and costs $29 a month but for a great app, which might just get acquired by large companies (think Instagram), it’s a petty amount.

3) AppMakr

Even big companies like PBS Newshour have used this developer tool to create their apps, which will tell you exactly how good it is. You can customize wallpaper and icons, include images, enable sharing through Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Digg and other networks, create and allow ads, create and manage colors and do a lot more with this fantastic tool for $79 a month. There is also a fee for developer account and store fees for placing your app online.

4) Andromo

Using menus, which are very useful for any app, you can create an app that has everything from maps and music, to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and advertizing. You can of course customize how you want your app to look, and if you’re willing to share your revenue on a 5o% basis, your app is created for free.

So, what is it that you are waiting for? Get started on your app, and let the world see what you have to offer.

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