Social Media Optimization is a Mix of Common Sense and Marketing Talent

Social media is gaining huge popularity and companies are using it for marketing purpose, but most of them are unaware of social media optimization techniques. This article offers seven simple and helpful SMO strategies that will help companies attract more online traffic. 

Although hundreds of companies use social media to promote their products and services, many confuse the process of social media optimization (SMO) with social networking. Now, the concept of SMO is quite new and the dynamic nature of social networking sites often tends to confuse users and experts alike. Not surprisingly therefore, most social media experts are self-taught people, without a steadfast strategy, except common sense and a dedicated approach to improvising their marketing practices with the current social trends.

Just like SEO, SMO is necessary for better brand building, getting more online traffic and achieving a higher position in SERPs. If you are aware of Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, you must accept the fact that Google gives high priority to social signals to produce more refine search results. Most SMO professionals must therefore perform the below mentioned practices in addition to social networking, or interaction with a fan base:

  1. Start Socializing, in spirit – Companies often forget that they need to follow others if they want the favor returned. Most individuals, including businesses, concentrate on building a fan base but end up neglecting fans in the long run. For example, in Twitter, personalities will refuse to follow-back just because…well..they are famous. What most people forget is that to retain fame, one must come across as amiable to people. Else, the admiration for them will wear out.
  1. Share Multimedia– Web users are more interested in videos than text updates. Hence, if you have organized an office event recently, instead of posting it in writing, upload videos to bring the audience closer to your brand. This could include the professional as well as the social events at work. It’s important to not come across as too up-tight. Share a Friday night video on Facebook; it’ll show a human side of the business.
  1. Add Share Buttons– Make sure that there is a link to all your social media profiles on your blog/website. If you have a blog, include a “like”, “tweet”, “G+”, etc.,  buttons below every post for sharing. The more shares you get, the better your visibility in the Web.
  1. Maintain Consistency– Since the launch of the Facebook Timeline feature, everyone can see the date and time of posts. Hence, regular content sharing is important. If there is nothing interesting to share, at least retweet others and share your friends’ posts to maintain activity. Also, remember to have one profile photo across all social-media sites. This is important because profile descriptions must vary to escape content duplication. The same profile photo help identify you better.
  1. Complete the ProfileSearch engines won’t be able to find your company if the profiles are incomplete. Give all the details of your business, address, and contact number so that both fans. and Google. can identify your business instantly.
  1. Watch Users’ Behavior– Use helpful analytic tools to understand your fans’ activities. If a feature or tool seems unnecessary, remove it from the page to keep it clutter-free.
  1. Timing is Important- Don’t share links randomly in Facebook and Twitter. Wall and tweets refresh constantly and old updates fall behind. Hence, identify the most suitable time to share your content. For instance, if you have a blog and is targeting USA audiences, share posts according to GMT.

Don’t share spammy or unrelated content. If you offer useful updates and fans like your profile, Google will certainly love your business.

About Author: Hema Gupta is a social media marketing expert at Webguru India. She often likes to write articles on several subjects regarding website design, search engine optimization and social media updates during her free time. For more information, visit If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here.