Some SEO Tricks Which Can Get You Banned In Google Search

Some SEO Tricks Which Can Get You Banned In Google Search
Some SEO Tricks Which Can Get You Banned In Google Search

An SEO Services company is often apprehensive about the search engine ranks of its client’s websites. This article offers suggestions to not be   afraid of it and move  on to the next level of your search engine optimization.

Optimize Your Site for People. Don’t Get Banned from Google!

Many a SEO Services company live in fear of being banished by Google. They think they are over-optimizing a website and for that, Google is going to expel them from the search results. This isn’t the case. Google is not waiting there with a fishing net to catch your site. If your website has lost its search position in Google, it doesn’t always have to be because of over-optimization or under-optimization, it could also be because of some other reasons like semantic markup or search quality. Google may have its own reasons as well. However, there is no harm in being future-proof. Who knows what Google has in mind to come up with during the next few years. No matter what it is, you shouldn’t go out of your way to scare your client with the fear of Google. Just keep in mind a few points such as:

1).  In search engine optimization, there is no such thing as a quick fix.

Search engine optimization is a long-term process and it needs diligence. As an SEO services company, you cannot keep your clients in the dark by promising them quick fixes. Things do not happen overnight on Google. Make realistic promises and stick to realistic goals. Click Here To Read How you can Increase your visitors using Google Analytics.

2).  Users first, search engines later.

The aim of search engine optimization is to get higher search engine rankings. But for what purpose? The answer is: to get more visitors. Which means, there is a human element in the whole process of search engine optimization. The aspects that it entails, like content writing, website design, and other promotional aspects, are all there for one purpose: to earn popularity.

When a site has popularity, making profits is not that difficult for it because then, all you have to do is convert the user. So the whole SEO process revolves around visitors or users. Making your website more search engine-friendly is actually about increasing its findability by searchers.

3).  Search engine optimization should be part of a greater marketing campaign.

Many search engine optimizers are so into the process of SEO that they completely forget other aspects of marketing. The marketing campaign of a website should include not just internet-based aspects but also offline aspects.

An efficient SEO company helps its clients to make full use of social networks and things like paid advertising to capture the attention of a wider audience. In fact, even word-of-mouth promotions should not be avoided. Do an Effective Social Media Marketing.

Sometimes, the SEO services company focuses on pulling traffic whereas the web designing firm focuses on converting the traffic. As a result, the end product, which is, the website, suffers. See to it that this kind of a situation does not arise in your company.

Please note that not having a high rank on Google is not the end of the world. It could be the beginning of the end. So, be careful, don’t panic and do what is necessary. Even Social Media Can Be Better For You.