Sony PS4 In India: Review

Sony PS4 in India
Sony PS4 in India

The Sony PS4 in India unveiled by the company promises to provide a heady combination of movies, music, games and television in one box. Surely, home entertainment is poised for a huge leap and will not be the same any longer.

This is indeed a powerhouse introduction from Sony. Touting it as the next generation console being built keeping the future requirements in mind, the company President however clarified that they were going to remain true to the predecessor, which is the PlayStation 3. The company will continue to beef up content and more games for PS3.

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So what sets the PS4 apart from anything that Sony has introduced till now?

To start with, the PS4 will leverage upon the vast offerings from Sony Unlimited music and movie resources. The aim is to provide home entertainment seekers total value without compromising on its gaming capabilities. That should be good news for hardcore gamers.

The Japanese giant has been rather tight lipped about the launch. Even at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo that was held in California, though more information was shared, gaming fans still do not have all the dope they need to decide between the PS4 and Xbox 360. The impending release of the Xbox – One later on is another factor.

This unveiling has sparked off a lot of interest in India about the availability and the pricing it would be launched here.

Price sensitive Indian market

Though indications are that the PS4 will most likely make its presence felt in the Indian market by November 2013, going by initial responses and feedback, there appear to be a lot of enthusiastic gamers wanting to buy it. It seems to be competing against the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox-One as well.

The expected price at the time of launch is Rs.20, 000/- while that for the Xbox- One is expected to be around Rs.25, 000/-.

Now India is a price sensitive market. The PlayStation community here in India is much bigger than the Xbox and therefore may find the PS4 value for money. The Xbox-One is expected to be priced much higher.

Enthusiastic gamers would also prefer the PS4 for another reason. The Xbox would probably make its entry only in 2014 and since the PS4 might become available by this November, they are likely to get snapped up faster. The Xbox-One sales might also suffer due to the fact that games cannot be lent and used games cannot be bought. The console does not allow that at the moment.

Specifications of the Sony PS4:

The CPU consists of a single chip processor from the x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 cores family and can crank out an amazing 1.84 TFLOPS through its 16 computing units. The memory too is humongous at 8GB RAM and can support up to 176 GB/sec of bandwidth. Connectivity through WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 has been enabled. You also have auxiliary ports, digital optical outputs supporting HDMI and analog AV facilities.

Sharing of games, videos, and images is now a breeze.

The PS4 is indeed one with powerful graphics capability, great customization and very innovative screen features. Integration with social media too is top class.

Author: Naveen Thakur