Sony PS4 Vs Microsoft Xbox 360: Best Console

Sony PS4 Vs Microsoft Xbox 360
Sony PS4 Vs Microsoft Xbox 360

This year is definitely a big one for gaming enthusiasts. Both Microsoft and Sony are about to release successors to their highly popular existing consoles – the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The current titles for these successors are the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, though this may undergo changes. so lets check out who wins the real battle of the best console of virtual games.

Now both these companies are quite evenly matched in their capability to deliver and therefore the interesting question is how the PS4 will shape up against the existing Xbox 360?

The points of comparison should be on the following:

The titles they are able to launch

There can be no doubt that a successful launch will depend on the number of titles they can make available as the gamer is forever seeking new adventures and a lot of variety.


Though Microsoft had an edge over Sony the last time with Sony pricing their console much higher, the new PS4 from Sony promises to be a lot cheaper and will definitely give the Xbox 360 a closer run. Moreover, the PS3 itself outsold the Xbox 360 due to its ability to offer online games for free as opposed to the Xbox charging a subscription. Hence the PS4 is expected to offer more titles and better online features for sure.

Advertising Campaign

The concept of gaming and consoles is not new. However, the market is growing exponentially with both children and adults finding these games to be very addictive and engaging, not to mention the other features included with it.  It is therefore necessary for both companies to use all kinds of media to spread awareness about the relative strengths and advantages of their products and continue their advertising campaigns for as long as they can.

How proper awareness campaigns can help

The attempt should be to educate people on how they can use this home entertainment powerhouse and get the maximum advantages out of it. The technology used and how consumers can integrate it into their daily lives should be highlighted effectively.

These powerhouses are indeed more than just gaming consoles. They are truly central media hubs that can be set up in each home so that even those who are not much into gaming can take full benefit out of their other features.

Existing scenario

The current Xbox 360 as well as PS3 by themselves has a number of features that have not yet been exploited. For instance, the HD readiness of these consoles is one area that begs exploitation. Microsoft has maintained that it would continue to keep adding more firmware and other updates to the existing console.

But the PS3 with its powerful Cell Processor – also referred to as the Broadband Engine with its eight Synergistic Processing Elements has been able to outpace and out-process the Xbox 360. It is therefore to be expected that the PS4 will be at least as powerful as and probably more powerful than the PS3. That should be enough to give the Xbox 360 a tough time. More and more people want faster processing and would not mind paying a premium for it.

The fight would therefore be on:

  • Processing speed
  • Awareness
  • Pricing
  • Features