The Coolest Gadget For Every Geek Girl

The Coolest Gadget For Every Geek Girl
The Coolest Gadget For Every Geek Girl

Have you heard of ultrabooks? They’re those new fangled notebook PCs that are light-weight, beautiful and easy to use. Not only that, Geek girls are sizing them up because of their ability to send emails, do research, play music, get the latest information on YouTube, and more. Why bring an awkward PC with you to school when you can cart something lightweight that does everything you need in one unit?

Ultrabook Features

Gadget girls get all the features they want from an ultrabook, including the following:

  • Lightweight and Low Cost: The ultrabook weighs under four pounds. It used to be six pounds or more, which is something like carrying a suitcase to the airport. No more; pick up the ultrabook and carry it easily to school, work, or wherever you go. Get the screen size you need and want from 13″ to 15″. Ultrabooks are about a little more than the standard PC unit, making them an easy investment, especially if your old PC is on its last leg and you need something to take over — and give you even more.
  • Beautiful in Color and Design: Choose between 75 styles in 2012. 2011 brought the consumer 10 choices. Get a sleek metal design, something in magenta or sizzling pink or even an ultrabook in multi-surface glass (that’s even scratch resistant).
  • Plenty of Power: No, you won’t be able to do many of the high-tech, high-speed games, but you will be able to get on YouTube or Word without any difficulty. No worries about finding an outlet, either. Get between four and a half to eight hours of power without recharging, depending on the unit and usage.
  • No Hard Drive Makes for a Quick Wake Up Time: A memory card is installed instead of a hard drive This change in the ultrabook extends the life of your battery and makes your start-up time that much quicker. No long snoozing, either. Wake up time takes only a few seconds.
  • Use Windows 8 First on the Ultrabook: Want to be first in line for Windows 8 with all the new technology offered including touch screens? You will be if you buy the ultrabook with Windows 7 now. The new ultrabook with Windows 8 technology provides a unit smaller in thickness than an iPad and a silicon design versus Intel performance.

When it comes to accessories, a girl can have the newest in purses, stockings or jewelry, or they can carry with them an ultrabook, the newest trend in gadgets for the up and coming girl. It’s what every geek girl wants.

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